I wrote earlier this month actress Scarlett Johansson told the London Telegraph “she has regular email contact with presidential hopeful Barack Obama in which she offers advice and consoles him after difficult debates.” Continued the Telegraph:

The Hollywood starlet said she had been communicating with the Democratic candidate for months and was “amazed” that he always found the time to reply….
“You’d imagine that someone like the senator who is constantly travelling and constantly ‘on’ – how can he return these personal emails?” she told the Politico website.

obama scarlett.jpg

“But he does….”
She described how after a particularly tough debate earlier this year, she sent an email congratulating him for “holding his ground”.
He responded that the questioning was “difficult” and he was being pounded on “one silly question after another.”

I said at the time young Scarlett had received her last email from Obama, who if what she said was true, had engaged in a politically risky tête-à-tête.
Now, according to Us magazine, Obama is denying all but 1 email…

Barack Obama has downplayed his “email relationship” with Scarlett Johansson – and says the actress doesn’t even have his personal address.
Earlier this month, Johansson claimed to have a “personal dialogue” with Obama….
But Obama told reporters Tuesday that “she sent one email to [my assistant] Reggie [Love], who forwarded it to me.
“I [wrote] saying, ‘Thank you Scarlett for doing what you do,’ and suddenly we have this email relationship,” he explained.

So either Scarlett has publicly engaged in school girl fantasy, or Barack has engaged in a Clinton-lite denial.
All Scarlett has to do to clear her good name is produce the emails, if she’s telling the truth. That would be interesting.
[HT: proofreader Laura Loo; photo courtesy of Us]

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