indra book.jpgHere we see a segue between the abortion and euthanasia mentalities. There is no difference between a 9-month-old preborn and a 9-month, 2-day-old postborn except location and how she breathes, is hydrated, and is nourished.
Nor are the mental capabilities between a disabled person like Terri Schiavo and a newborn any different.
Yet in both cases it is legal to kill the former but illegal to kill the latter. Why? Why was this so bad? From WKBT, July 14:

The two people arrested on… July 11 for their role in the death of a young infant made their first appearance in court on Tuesday.
19-year-old Indra Book and 21-year-old Adam O’Connor have been arrested after an investigation by La Crosse police.
Police say during August of 2007, Book gave birth to an infant in her home in La Crosse. The infant died within a few days. Book and O’Connor allegedly tried to cover up the death….

“She tried to breast feed the child twice, she was unsuccesful,” District Attorney Tim Gruenke said…. “(She) then decided not to feed the child knowing the result, put the child in a cooler, and put it in the garbage in the spring.”
Book is arrested for a charge of first-degree murder and hiding a corpse. O’Connor is arrested for being party to the crime of hiding a corpse and obstructing an officer. Book is being held on a $50,000 cash bond, while O’Connor was released on a $5,000 cash bond….
Police say their investigation and the arrests are a result of a tip….

TMJ4 added:

The two could’ve give up the baby anonymously under the state’s safe haven laws.

[HT: reader Robert King; photo courtesy of the La Crosse Tribune]

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