NRLC throws down gauntlet to Obama: Call your Born Alive votes forgeries

obama mad.jpgThe following statement was just issued by National Right to Life Committee Legislative Director Douglas Johnson, in response to the David Brody interview with Barack Obama last night:

Since 2004, Obama has been betting that the mainstream news media will lack the interest and attention span required to get a clear picture of his actual record regarding infants who are born alive during abortions, and so far that mostly has worked for him….

In his short interview with David Brody, Obama tripled his bet on that proposition by calling us liars. He also relied on diversionary verbal smokescreens, but without directly addressing the newly discovered 2003 documentation that proves the falsity of his account.
We now challenge Obama to either declare the two 2003 legislative documents to be forgeries and call for an official investigation, or else apologize for his four years of misrepresentation on the issue of babies who are born alive during abortions – and for calling us liars.

Douglas Johnson

52 thoughts on “NRLC throws down gauntlet to Obama: Call your Born Alive votes forgeries”

  1. How is Doug Johnson getting his call to action out? Is he contacting MSM, who, I clearly doubt will go there.
    Maybe Hannity should have Doug sitting next to you during the interview.

  2. Back to Brody’s interview:
    Barack says, “…that I and the Illinois Medical Society, so Illinois’ doctors, were somehow in favor of withholding lifesaving support from an infant born alive is ridiculous.”
    Up until that statement, I have never heard a peep about the doctors of Illinois being siding wiht him on this.
    Can you clarify that, Jill? What exactly did the Illinois Medical Society say with regard to BAIPA? Did they indeed see it Barack’s way?

  3. Jill:
    This is almost like a poker game now. Who’s calling who’s bluff.
    The problem with Obama’s hand is that he’s got 4 worhtless Jokers and pro-lifers have got 4 Aces, the truth.
    Whoever stands firm wins, and I’ve got the feeling Obama’s house of cards is ready to collapse.

  4. Why should Obama apologize to a front organization for the extreme right? Criminalizing medical care helps no one.

  5. Jill:
    Just heard you on Guy Benson and also heard you this morning on the Champions News Talk Radio program on WIND-AM.
    Mr. Obama needs to apologize for his lying to us about how he supported the bill and the voted against it. He also needs to repent before the Lord for this.
    His votes on this issue are disgusting.

  6. Can someone explain why this David Brody, who also has a Blog with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), is anxious to give Obama a chance to lie his way out of this mess???? He has done this shamelessly since the beginning of the campaign. I have e-mailed the news dept. at CBN several times, and Mr. Brody, expressing my disdain for how they are promoting Obama. Check it out at CBN. Unbelievable. And now this..trying to help him lie his way out of this. My question is where is CBN on abortion?

  7. This is little off topic, but I believe Obama to be a YELLOWBELLY.
    Obama is a YELLOWBELLY!
    Both OReilly and Hannity have offered numerous times for Obama to appear on their shows.
    So far, Obama has not shown up.
    For Hannity, Obama sends surrogates to debate Hannity.
    Obama doesn’t have the guts to appear on Hannity.
    With OReilly, recently Bill showed a short clip where he met Obama. Obama said that would appear on his show some time in the future.
    Obama has yet to appear on the OReilly Factor.
    Even Hillary Clinton showed and allowed Bill to interview her during the primaries.
    But Obama is a coward and Yellowbelly.
    Addition, Obama has not followed through on his commitment to appear on the OReilly Factor.
    He said he would and hasn’t.
    If Obama won’t even honor this commitment, how can the American people ever trust that he will deliver anything.
    Addition, if Obama doesn’t have the guts to face Hannity and Bill OReilly, how will Obama ever face the world’s problems.
    Obama, show some guts and make an appearance on Hannity or OReilly and answer their questions and concerns.
    Or is Obama going to continue to be a coward and Yellowbelly.

  8. Yes, “Truthseeker”, but did you read the link? It turns out the Pope doesn’t know when ensoulment occurs either. It’s out of his pay-grade too. And conception is a process, not a moment. It takes more than a day for the sperm’s DNA to get from just inside the ovum’s cell membrane to the nucleus and start directing the protein-synthesis apparatus. It’s not really a diploid organism until then.
    What it really comes down to is Obama is acknowledging the difficulty, even the complexity of a question and Republicans are ragging him for it. Something similar happened with the Georgia invasion–he called for caution and appeared to recognise the fact that there’s nothing we can do about it that hasn’t been anticipated and Gary Bauer accused him of signalling “weakness” and “neutrality”. The Republican Party is once again betting on winning by appealing to dumb people. Like the last two elections. Well it might work.

  9. SoMG, there is nothing difficult about the prolife position: respect human life from conception to death. The reason is its original likeness to God. God clearly established a plan for human reproduction–it’s called the family–and most or all civilizations have understood the concept of marriage even without the Scriptures.
    God’s rules are meant for our health and happiness. The Christian trusts his heavenly Father and tries to obey Him. If the Christian couple do not receive children, they can learn and perhaps rectify the medical reason, but they won’t dare to so tamper with the God-given process as to replace it (i.e. IVF). They might have to accept the fact that they are a barren couple. They will suffer, but God uses the Christian’s suffering to improve him and others. He also uses it to condemn the wicked.
    The fact that the beginning of human life is still mysterious and awesome is not a reason to profane it but to respect it. Read Psalm 139; David’s words are still true today. And King David knew as much about killing people as any abortionist, though he did his killing for valid reasons. (He was also an adulterer and murderer. David murdered Uriah because David had stolen Uriah’s wife. David repented, and God forgave him.)

  10. SoMG,
    There is an abortionist here in town who feels that ensoulment doesn’t occur until the moment of birth.
    And a Wiccan from the abortion providers blog you like to visit maintains that the spirit hovers in and out of the fetus during pregnancy (something to that effect).

  11. SoMG: And conception is a process, not a moment.
    What it really comes down to is Obama is acknowledging the difficulty, even the complexity of a question

    It’s always sort of gruesomely fascinating the trouble, SoMG, that you go to to try to discover more intricately twisted ways to justify the act of killing! And, unacknowledged by yourself, you really wind up coming to the only conclusion possible to arrive at and shared by all reasoning persons…that creation is a miracle to be amazed at and not to be tampered with. You admit then that those with limited adjacent brain cells have no business moving into the destruction phase of what already is in process and which no one can ever stamp as anything but human life developing in its initial stages…stages, which, BTW, continue on in your own existence necessarily based on just those.
    In Mr. O’s limited answer re: “what is above his pay grade”, he also demonstrates that he did not absorb the completeness of the scriptures while sitting at the feet for 20 years of his mentor who has the “audacity” to order the Creator to “damn” His own creation! How’s that for Lucerferianism??!! You see, Mr. O conveniently leaves out what IS given to such low paygrades by their “Boss” to help inform them of just what they don’t know on their own…that is, that “before you were in your mother’s womb, I knew you”…giving the very personhood of each unique individual through the Creator’s own INTENTION…even BEFORE all of your puny machinations of limited human reasoning. And Mr. O’s “Boss”, since he claims to be Judeo Christian, also gives assistance to his low pay grade by writing in stone His orders FOR HIS ETERNAL BENEFIT. And the one that stands out for all in those orders is “thou shalt not kill”. Now I suppose the MSM would just excuse Mr. O by saying, “Oh, he just forgot a few things”!!!!!!!!
    The “emperor” is still wearing no clothes, no matter how the media lemmings “cover” for him!

  12. SoMG:
    I see you grasping at staws lately. People without a spiritual foundation usually resort to that when their house of lies is being exposed for what it is.
    You know, if you believed in God, you would have no trouble understanding when life began. Life begins at conception because that is the beginning of the process.
    And let’s say the process does take some time, how much time SoMG? What is the oldest age of a baby in the womb that you have killed?
    SoMG: When you finally one day realize the horror you have committed by your own hands, you will have only one way out and that will be to cry out to God for mercy. My hope is that he answer you before it is too late.

  13. And where has Jeff gone, the “Christian” who supported Obama?
    He hasn’t surfaced since I asked him what his church’s views on homosexuality and gay marriage were.
    Anyone can call themself a Christian. Those of us who know and live the Book are not decieved.
    The Democrat’s sham at trying to win the White House by wrapping a wolf in sheep’s clothing has been fully uncovered. Christians, if you choose now to still believe that Obama follows Christian principles, then you will bear the blood of his presidency on your heads.
    My hope now is that Obama admit that he lied directly and intentionally to the people of the United States, withdraw from the race, take his family home, teach his daughters not to lie, and seek forgiveness and healing from God.
    Let me tell you this Mr. Obama. Becoming President of the United States by lying and supporting the extreme evil of abortion at the expense of killing even a born child once targeted for abortion is not worth losing your eternal salvation for. “What does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his soul” – Jesus Christ.
    I suspect that there lies a dark secret in your soul that causes you to support abortion so vehemently despite Scripture’s clear condemnation of it and those who commit and support it apart from repentance.
    If you want to continue to run for President and continue to call yourself a Christian, line up your values with God’s Word by confessing your sin of supporting abortion, by renouncing abortion, renouncing Planned Parenthood, renouncing gay marriage, support the overturning of Roe v. Wade and even I may vote for you. Now that’s change we can believe in, and representative of a true man of God.
    Even King David, who committed adultery and the treachery of murdering his own general to cover it up, was found to be a man after God’s own heart after he confessed and repented of his sin. Stop following the poison advice of your viper handlers, those godless blasphemers and haters of God, like Howard Dean.
    But please, please don’t continue to blaspheme God’s holy name by representing that you are a Christian, a follower of Christ, and simultaneously the supportter of the gravest sin that can be committed; abortion. For this blasphemy is very close to the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, an unforgivable sin, the sin of so often and so consistently refusing God’s will, that in the end, it cannot be recognized. A sin that many pro-aborts on this site will be guilty of if they refuse to recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in their continued support of a heinous evil. Even the demons believe and are condemned.
    And a admonition and rebuke to you Mr. Warren:
    The fact that Obama lied about his support of BAIPA was clear prior to you interviewing him in front of your congregation and in front of the nation. You were willing to allow them all to be decieved by not finding out the truth prior to the interview and then not challenging him on it. This written information was available everywhere on the internet, particularly on this very site And don’t cop out by saying, “that was not the venue”. You let a boldface liar tell lies unchallenged and this to your sheep. It would have been better for you to have cancelled the dog and pony show. This puts your qualifications as a shepherd of the flock in question, for what loving shepherd would expose their precious sheep, to the lies of a wolf, that if believed could damn their souls, the very souls you are commanded to protect with your very life?
    Now that the lie has been admitted, you must tell your flock and the country what Obama must do. He must repent of his sin, change his ways by renouncing abortion or lose the support of all Christian voters or, simply withdraw from the race.
    And this too Mr, Warren. Abortion is not a complex issue as you intimated in the discussion. It is murder and a grave sin, plain and simple. I call on you to repent from failing to meet the strict standards of God’s Word. Do this or be found to be a shepherd not beyond reproach. Remember this, as a teacher of the oracles of God, you are held to a much higher standard and subject to even stricter judgement. Perhaps you need to go reread your own book, “The Purpose Driven Life” to find some answers as to your motivations.

  14. Read the last line:
    A confident Barack Obama raised an extraordinary $7.8 million Sunday at three California fundraisers, most if it in large checks to a Democratic Party committee.

  15. “He was warmly received by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called him “a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.””
    A read that Hal, I almost puked, but I wasn’t surprized. This women who supports PBA also had the nerve to kiss Pope Benedict’s ring.

  16. Wow. I feel like someone punched me in the gut. I am pro-choice and was an enthusiatic Obama supporter. But I when I heard about Jill Staneck and the controversy, I decided to investigate. Her testimonial was an eye-opener. I just realized I could never vote for this man. I am also reconsidering my pro-choice views. Jill Staneck’s video was really impressive. Many Obama supporters should see it and realize just what kind of man obama really is.

  17. Emily. I know exactly how you feel. Jill’s site has make me realize I’ve been wrong my whole life, that abortion is a sin, and God in heaven controls all things. I imagine there are many of us who can go from being “an enthusiatic Obama supporter” to realizing what kind of man he really is. I simply had no idea Obama supported the killing of babies, or that he hates America so much. At least McCain will protect us from the terrorists.

  18. Emily, Thank you for your thoughts…I was shocked when I first heard about Obama and his support of infanticide as well. Thank you for being open minded enough to see that he is not the kind of man he seems to be. God bless!

  19. Hal, I don’t know if that’s possible…I checked Emily’s IP and there were no matches. This is the only post coming from that IP address. I think she was sincere.

  20. If she was ever an “enthusiatic Obama supporter” I’ll eat my hat.
    That would like me saying: I was a huge fan of McCain in recent years, but listening to him talk recently has really made me worry that he’s lost his mental ability to think, listen, and speak coherently. Although I don’t like Obama’s policies, I think I’ll just have to vote for him since my hero McCain is just too damn old.
    Enthusastic supporters don’t turn like that. Sure, they can turn, but the language was all wrong.

  21. She may be unique, but she most certainly is not sincere. I smell a rat.
    Posted by: Hal at August 18, 2008 5:22 PM
    You smell a rat here, but continue to support the biggest rat in America?

  22. She may be unique, but she most certainly is not sincere. I smell a rat.
    Posted by: Hal at August 18, 2008 5:22 PM
    I think you better check your pants.

  23. Hal,
    What is so hard to believe about somebody liking Obama until they find out about BAIPA? Doesn’t showing no compassion for the born-alive babies and voting NO to protecting them qualify as a possible reason to NOT like somebody? I don’t get why you have a hard time believing that. It turns my stomach too just to think about the way those babies are left to suffer and die without anybody to love them or hold them. How can you not understand that?

  24. HisMan, you wrote: “Life begins at conception because that is the beginning of the process. ”
    When during conception? When the sperm puts its DNA into the ovum, or when the sperm’s DNA gets to the nucleus and starts directing the cell’s protein-synthesis apparatus, which is a couple of days later?

  25. Hey, Thats just too dam bad, we can question obama on any dam thing we feel like questioning him on. It’s called freedom of speech. If you think its racist, that’s just tough s__t for U! so go choke that down!

  26. Opinionated, that’s not fair. When have I ever refused to answer a serious question? I come to this site primarily to inform you all.

  27. When the sperm puts its DNA into the ovum, or when the sperm’s DNA gets to the nucleus and starts directing the cell’s protein-synthesis apparatus, which is a couple of days later?
    When the sperm puts it’s DNA into the ovum.

  28. Bethany, why then? It’s not really a diploid organism until the sperm’s DNA gets to the nucleus and starts directing the protein-synthesis machinery. Until then it’s just a haploid cell with some DNA in its cytoplasm. Sometimes several sperm fertilize the same egg and the egg has to expel some of the extra DNA. Sometimes this correction process goes wrong and the egg gets fertilized by only one sperm but expells its DNA anyway.

  29. SoMG,
    “When have I ever refused to answer a serious question?”
    I asked you on another thread what was the oldest fetus you had terminated in your career. I was sincere about that one.
    If you don’t want to answer, I’ll respect that. Just tell me so.

  30. Bethany, why then? It’s not really a diploid organism until the sperm’s DNA gets to the nucleus and starts directing the protein-synthesis machinery. Until then it’s just a haploid cell with some DNA in its cytoplasm. Sometimes several sperm fertilize the same egg and the egg has to expel some of the extra DNA. Sometimes this correction process goes wrong and the egg gets fertilized by only one sperm but expells its DNA anyway.

    You could be right about that (supposing it’s true), but does it really matter?
    Either way, the life process is begun when the two merge. That’s a fact…
    Besides, there is no abortion procedure (that I’m aware of) which can kill the just fertilized egg before it reaches the diploid organism stage. Are you aware of any?
    I don’t even know of anyone who is aware when they have conceived.

  31. SoMG,
    Did you consider that question personal? I thought it professional, like I would ask a cardiologist “What’s the most damaged-looking heart you have ever set eyes on?”
    I know that you’re a pro when it comes to first-trimester abortions. I just wasn’t sure if your field of expertise extended beyond the first trimester.
    And I also remember you saying how you didn’t like doing late term abortions.
    I’m like Carla; I ask, therefore I learn ;0)
    And you’ve been open about your practice, which has been quite a learning experience for me, I must say.

  32. Carla,
    Because! Because! Because!
    And btw, when is your appearance on “Faces of Abortion” going to be aired?

  33. CBN expose on Obama/Born Alive

    David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network helped launch a firestorm of controversy on August 16 when asking Barack Obama in an interview after the Saddleback Showdown about the accusation he had misrepresented his opposition to IL’s Born Alive …

  34. So…He voted, but you worked at the place where it was happening…
    I really wish people would stop it with the propaganda. The video is garbage and another attempt to make America vote based on fear. Don’t you love Republicans?

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