The good news is in the headline. The bad news is the mainstream media continues to obfuscate the fact that successes in the field of stem cell research are with ADULT stem cells, not EMBRYONIC.
Note the missing word in the headline and elsewhere in the piece. The writer clearly knows when to add the word “embryonic” when wanting to promote those stem cells, just not “adult”? Come on.
From the Associated Press via Live Science, August 8:
live science 3.jpg
This is a wonderful breakthrough….

Adult stem cell research is accomplishing what research prostitutes promised would be the fruition of human embryo experimentation. Rather, escr has been a nonstarter, rife with problems such as the fact esc’s grow into cancerous tumors.
Too bad the American public will only take away from this piece the vague understanding that stem cell research is good without knowing the most important factor here.
This is just another of hundreds of articles demonstrating MSM purposefully adds to the confusion about stem cell research with unclear reporting. Were this about successful human embryo experimentation, MSM would boast it in the headline and throughout.
But lest anyone get the crazy idea by this news that the focus should turn to ascr and off escr, the AP writer and the Harvard scientist (in MA, where last year Gov. Deval Patrick announced a $1.25 billion public funded spending package for human embryo experimentation) certainly attempt to quell that notion:
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Of course.