First, don’t forget to pray for pastors across America who are participating in the Alliance Defense Fund’s Pulpit Freedom Sunday today, which I wrote about previously here and here.
adf logo 2.jpgThis is a long-planned project by ADF for pastors in a coordinated effort on September 28, 2008, to defy the IRS’s gag rule dating back to 1954 disallowing them and churches from taking political stands. At least 50 pastors across the nation are purposefully doing just that today from the pulpit, such as endorsing a political candidate. All pastors will submit transcripts and video/audiotapes of their sermons to the IRS. The hope is to invoke action by the IRS, get this into court, and overturn this 54 year old First Amendment violation. Go pastors! See ADF video on the constitutional foundation for this project here.
Moving on, the political cartoons this week continued to focus on the Wall Street bailout, so I found none on our issue. But here was one about the aforementioned by Nate Beeler at that made me laugh…
cartoon 9-21 nate beeler sarah field and dress.jpg