I came across a nice blog post over the weekend by Values Voter News that JillStanek.com “has moved up into the top 7000 blogs according to Technorati!!!”
technorati.jpgSure enough, I’m currently ranked at 6,816. I asked a couple web friends if 7k is an important miltestone to get excited about, and neither were aware.
Nonetheless, the number of readers continues to grow rather than shrink, and this blog’s worldwide ranking according to Alexa also shows steady growth.
Thanks to all of you for reading this blog, commenting, telling friends, and linking to posts.
This gives me a good opportunity I too rarely get to also thank moderators Bethany, Bobby, Carder, Carla, Chris, Jasper, and MK for overseeing half of the blog – commenting. Thanks to Angela and Laura Loo for making corrections. Thanks to Jasper for his quotes of the day. And thanks to Chris and Tim for improving the look and function of the site.
We all have the same goals: to increase prominence of pro-life issues, community, and politicians; expose the falsehoods of the pro-abortion ideology, abortion industry, and politicians; and point out MSM’s good, bad, and ugly coverage of pro-life/anti-life happenings.

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