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I wrote last week about a Zogby poll and short film showing Obama supporters didn’t have a clue who their candidate really was.
Well, Amanda Carpenter reported yesterday on the – surprise! – virulent backlash from the Left….

John Ziegler didn’t know the kind of fury the Left would unleash on him when he unveiled his web video “How Obama Got Elected“.
The 10-minute short features 12 interviews he conducted with Obama supporters at Los Angeles polling stations on Election Day and the final product “isn’t flattering” to liberals. His subjects couldn’t answer basic questions like, “Who controls Congress?” and “Who is Nancy Pelosi ?” or “Who is Harry Reid ?”. They could, however, correctly answer questions about GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter and wardrobe budget without any problem.
The web video spread like wildfire around the internet, getting more than 1.4 million views. Ziegler plans to include the interviews in a forthcoming film titled, Media Malpractice…How Obama Got Elected.

See his website and video here.
As a result, Ziegler’s e-mail in-box has been flooded with profanity-laced e-mails accusing him of racism, bigotry and hate mongering….
Ziegler argues that he never intended to make Obama supporters look bad. Rather, they could not answer the questions because the media misinformed them throughout the election….
The Zogby poll found 57.4% of Obama supporters could not correctly say which party controls Congress. Only 6.2% of those same supporters failed to identify Palin as having a pregnant daughter.
See poll results here….
Ziegler is now planning to commission a similar poll to assess the political intelligence of those who voted for GOP presidential candidate John McCain. Zogby, however, is refusing to do it. After receiving a great amount of backlash from Obama supporters, Zogby said they will not be conducting the McCain poll.
“I believe there was value in the poll we did,” John Zogby told the Politico. “I also believe it was not our finest hour. This slipped through the cracks. It came out critical only of Obama voters.”
Ziegler said he didn’t originally conduct such a poll for McCain voters because his documentary is focusing on how Obama got elected, not McCain. He will likely include the McCain poll results in the film and along with more detail about the outcry over his original poll.
“All this controversy proves the overriding premise — that the media helped Obama get elected”, Ziegler said.

It’s actually none of Zogby’s business if an entity commissioning a poll wants to focus on only one segment of the population. People and groups do that all the time.
[HT: Dr. Frank]

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