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Atlas Sports Genetics now offers genetics testing of children to determine whether or not they have an aptitude for sports. Do you think this is a good idea?

This could have served as a weekend question. Examiner.com, December 6, explained the dilemma:

For $149, Atlas Sports Genetics [in Boulder, CO] will send a genetic sample taken from inside a child’s cheek to a laboratory in Australia. There, technicians will analyze the ACTN3 gene, which has been linked to athletic performance….
In about two weeks, Atlas presents customers with a certificate indicating whether their child is a genetic fit for strength and power sports, endurance athletics or a combination of the two….
Children can work toward success in any sport they choose, [Atlas CEO Kevin Reilly] said. “But if they’re better suited for something … that’s good information to have.”…
Experts, parents and coaches have both praised and criticized the test. Some support it as a tool to help children excel in sports. Others reject it as irrelevant and unethical, or they say one gene doesn’t provide enough information about a person to determine athletic performance.

What do you think?
Ah, lots of Hillary fans and/or PUMAs responded to last week’s poll, not just from the U.S. but from around the globe. And interesting, 21% chose “Other.” I wonder who Other was?…

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