Thumbnail image for vacation.jpgUPDATE, 1/17, 8:30a: I’ve posted my Winter/Spring 2009 speaking schedule, fyi. Am I speaking near you? Support your local pro-life organization and let’s meet!
UPDATE, 1/15, 5:15p:

Please be sure to read President Bush’s National Sanctity of Human Life Day 2009 proclamation, the last we’ll see in a long time. Daughter Daena wrote it, I’m proud to say, the last proclamation she penned as a writer for the White House. (FYI, Daena was chosen to work for President Bush’s transition team, which will for the next 6 months tie up loose ends in DC.)
UPDATE, 1/15, 5:05p: is hosting a FREE world premiere screening of the movie 22Weeks on January 21 in DC. See post below.
UPDATE, 1/10, 6:50a: Congratulations to Sarah Palin for polling as the 2008 Pro-lifer of the Year, and congrats as well to 2nd place winner, David Bereit! I have a new poll question up and a new poll post.
I’m leaving the latest posts live for comments, since conversations are ongoing.
January 5: Since we’re watching our 2-year-old grandson Jack the 1st week of January, I’m speaking a lot the 3rd week of January, and our family is vacationing in FL the 4th week of January, I thought January would be a good month to take time off from blogging. I’ve been at this 3-1/2 years straight and feel the need for a short sabbatical. I’ll be back February 2.
I’ll leave comments open on this post but am not sure how long. Am giving my indispensable moderators a month off, too. Will play that one by ear.
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Indeed, I will be posting important updates, particularly having to do with March for Life events.
Thanks for your support, without which I wouldn’t need a break from the busyness!
While I’m on hiatus, visit to get your pro-life blogging fix. Don’t forget PLB’s owner Tim and I are working on a new pro-life project to be announced after the Life Prizes awards ceremony January 23.

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