BBC News reported April 6:

Such a tragedy. Where are the feminists? Here’s a BBC sidenote…

Hunger is driving North Koreans to escape to China, crossing a river frontier at the mercy of traffickers.
Once in China they are forced to live secret lives, the women often sold into forced marriages or prostitution, because if discovered the Chinese authorities will send them back….

The pandemic of sex trafficking can almost entirely be blamed on sex selection abortions and infanticide. The United Nations Population Fund recently reported there are 60 million missing girls in Asia, roughly the population of the entire country of Thailand.
This is not just their problem, it is our problem. A male dominated world will cause the return of worldwide patriarchal sexism as well as a male proclivity for war, as if we’re not seeing that already – every day a new threat. A country to watch out for? China. Read on. AFP reported today:

Selective abortion in favour of males has left China with 32 million more boys than girls, creating an imbalance that will endure for decades, an investigation released Friday warned.
The probe provides ammunition for those experts who predict China’s obsession with a male heir will sow a bitter fruit as men facing a life of bachelorhood fight for a bride….

chinese boys.jpg

In most countries, males slightly outnumber females – between 103 and 107 male births for every 100 female births.
But in China and other Asian countries, the sex ratio has widened sharply as the traditional preference for boys is reinforced by the availability of cheap ultrasound diagnostics and abortion….
In China, an additional factor has been the “one-child” policy….
Zhejiang university professors Wei Xing Zhu and Li Lu and Therese Hesketh of University College London found that in 2005 alone, China had more than 1.1 million excess male births.
Among Chinese aged below 20, the greatest gender imbalances were among 1-to-4-year-olds, where there were 124 male to 100 female births, with 126 to 100 in rural areas, they found….
Among second births, the sex ratio was even higher, at 143 males to 100 female. It peaked at a massive 192 boys to 100 girls in Jiangsu province….

jay and mavis leno.jpgWhere does Jay Leno fit in all this? His wife Mavis is a long-time board member of the pro-abortion Feminist Majority Foundation, headed by former NOW head Eleanor Smeal and actively involved in “recruiting and training” pro-abortion feminists.
The Lenos are hosting a Hollywood fundraiser April 29 for FMF. Mavis may sincerely be concerned about the plight of Afghan and Pakistani women, but she as an avowed pro-abort is actually a sexist culprit. Speaking of the Bush administration, Terri Schiavo, and abortion, she told the Detroit Free Press in 2005, as quoted by Jivin J:

“Our current conservative, religious government is obsessed with women on life support and with fetuses because they are imaginary people,” as opposed to acknowledging the rights of everyday women, she said. “The way things are going in this country, there may come a day when we need the women of Afghanistan to speak for us.”

burqa.jpgLeno may not know more than half of those “imaginary people” are female. She has it so backward. She is trying to put a bandaid on the plight of women in Afghanistan while maintaining direct responsibility for the growing prejudice worldwide against women.
Speaking of Afghanistan, the solution to the Taliban is Christianity, which I expect Leno rejects as well.
[HT for gender imbalance story: moderator Jasper and reader Susie A.; for Leno story: Claude; photo of the Lenos courtesy of; photo of Afghan women courtesy of The Ottawa Sun]

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