In this AFP article today, Hillary Clinton sounds positively pro-life, discussing women’s rights in terms of the right to become pregnant, to carry one’s baby to term, and to fulfill natural maternal instincts to care for one’s newborn, all free of duress. Alas, we know Clinton also includes the freedom to kill one’s baby as a woman’s right, which makes the sentence I’ve underlined particularly worrisome. Interesting that she didn’t mention it here…

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, taking a break from nuclear disarmament issues, discussed women’s rights and her love for husband Bill during a visit Friday to a South Korean women’s university.

hillary seoul.jpg

Some 2,000 students at Seoul’s Ewha University gave Clinton a standing ovation as she entered the hall and frequently interrupted her speech with applause.
“No country has yet achieved full equality for women. There is still a lot ahead for us to make sure that gender equality becomes reality,” Clinton said in her speech.
Part of my mission as the secretary of state is (making sure) the United States is committed to enhancing the rights of women.”
Clinton said society still makes it very hard for women to balance family and work, and called for more flexible working hours.
She recalled her own experience working for a law firm when male colleagues pretended not to know she was pregnant.
When she gave birth to Chelsea, she received a call from a colleague asking when she was coming back to work. Instead, she said, she proposed maternity leave and he failed to understand the concept.

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