Has Obama lost his cool?

It’s been awhile since I went off topic, but this one’s fun.
Brett Breitbart made an intriguing comment last night on Hannity. He said Obama began losing his cool cat appeal with the American people after his latest teleprompter malfunction and goofy reaction. Strike 1…

Strikes 2 and 3 followed in quick succession when Obama threw a girly man pitch in “mom jeans” at the 2009 baseball All Star game…

I happen to think there’s something to this theory, although this means I must either throw away my “mom jeans” or admit I’m not cool either. But I already knew that, being the Worst Person in the World and all. :)

42 thoughts on “Has Obama lost his cool?”

  1. well polls show that Americans are souring over Obama’s handling of the economy (no surprise there – we all predicted this one) and his health care reforms.
    In the end though, I think it likely Obama will get all his proabortion legislation in – he’s got to payback all those liberals who supported and financed his campaign.

  2. BTW, Jill, did you get a trophy or something for being the world’s worst person? :(
    I hate it when a person wins a big competition and doesn’t get a prize! ;)

  3. How come they didn’t show if he threw a strike or not? Biased Media? Of course they did show President Bush’s pitch after 9/11, which was a strike..

  4. The ‘smart’ one has been to all ’57’ states at least once.
    The ‘smart’ one can’t seem to remember the exact hospital where he was born. If he would look at his long form birth certificate I bet it would say somewhere or it would give the name of the attending physician and the ‘smart’ one could track it down from there.
    The ‘smart’ one reading from totus (teleprompter of the united states) introduced and thanked himself.
    The ‘smart’ one cannot tell us when pre-natal humans get rights in ‘his’ view. The answer is above the ‘smart’ one’s pay grade. (Is he stupid or dishonest or both?)
    The ‘smart’ one believes he can borrow his way out of debt and spend his way out of a recession.
    The ‘smart’ one will not meddle in the affairs of a rogue state like Iran, but has no problem attempting to coerce a reliable ally and stable democracy like Israel.
    The ‘smart’ one sides with the ousted president of Honduras who wants to re-write their constitution so he can stay in power and disses the other two thirds of the government who exercises their powers to get rid of the lawless presidente.
    The ‘smart’ one declares the USA has the worlds largest muslim population and says America is NOT a ‘christian’ nation.
    The ‘smart’ one is only a legend in his own mind and in the hearts of his obsequious, servile sycophant devotees.
    NOT all Canadians, just like NOT all Americans, are enthused about the current resident of the white house. The opinion polls indicate that some of the fools who voted for hope and change are beginning to hear the ‘pop’ and are not only regrettin their poor judgement, but are ashamed that they elected a knave who was not qualified by experience or birth to lead this nation.
    yor bro ken

  5. Hi Ken,
    The “smart” one also thought kissing the backsides of tyrants would win him concessions and respect from despots and dictators.
    Its winning him the middle finger time and again.
    Has that little despot in N Korea fired any more missiles lately?

  6. I can understand that even a teleprompter has its limits, but suicide?
    I hear this tragic machine was survived by its toaster wife and their 4 young i-pods.

  7. JYW,
    I think it was the strain of keeping Obama articulate and making sense that finally did him in, poor fellow. Those poor little i-pods.

  8. Ohhhh Jill,
    Throw away those “mom pants”! My poor daughter, ever the fashionista, told me time and again years ago that I was wearing “mom pants”. I of course was oblivious. Then I saw myself in a photo. I was mortified. My rear looked the width of 5 axe handles.
    Now I wear low rise, no not like Brittany Spears, but like a, well, mom.
    Definitely more flattering.

  9. ROFLOL!! Is it just me, or does it looked like Obama puked in his mouth (and then swallowed) when his teleprompter crashed! hahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. JYW,
    Well, it might make sense except Palin proved she can function without a teleprompter when it went belly up during her acceptance speech at the Republican convention.
    Sure I watched the debates. Articulate, he can be but often isn’t when there’s not a script… or a teleprompter. He sure fell all over his tongue discussing an asthmatic visiting the ER. TOTUS must have been on a coffee break. I had to laugh when I saw a monstrous teleprompter at the back of a press conference. That must be the surviving big brother.

  11. Ladies
    Heed my words. Toss those “mom pants”. Spare yourselves the horror of seeing what I had to see.

  12. JYW,
    I didn’t hear it from Palin. I saw a TV video of the teleprompter stalling, or whatever it is they do. Anyway, it was on TV.
    In a poll where she goes up against Obama he is 48% to her 42%. He should be wiping the floor with her. Either she is getting her message across well or Obama is doing a lousy job of getting his across. Draw your own conclusions.

  13. Louise,
    Watch the last of these three videos for a quick view of moms wearing “mom jeans”. They were in style in the 1980’s, I think.

  14. I don’t need a “cool” president, I’m just so very happy to have a smart one
    Posted by: Hal at July 22, 2009 7:07 PM
    I’d definitely trade a “smart” president for one who is not trying to outsmart me.

  15. I didn’t say she ad-libbed, she had a script. Any speaker would be foolish not to. In fact CNN advised Obama to do the same after his teleprompter self destructed. Then he won’t have such a look of total bewilderment and not knowing what to do next, unlike Palin.
    I’m just telling you what I saw on TV and it showed the incident as it occured. We obviously have different info sources.
    Vanity Fair? Thanks anyway, but sorry JYW, I do not consider them anymore an unbiased source than I do the media that blubbered about the awestruck seagulls at Obama’s inaugaration or ABC which holds infomercials for Obama at the WH.

  16. agreed Carla.
    Interesting that boos can be heard when Obama runs out onto the field to throw the pitch.
    Enough boos and loud enough to be heard. hmmmm, very interesting.

  17. Hi Carla,
    What is happening is his sociopathic facade is breaking down and the coldness,anger, and need for total control that it covers is coming through.
    We’re finally seeing the real Obama.
    I find it fascinating to watch.

  18. Angel,
    I could hear the boos too. I listened twice just to make sure. :)
    It is fascinating and frightening. How long before the simmering pot explodes? I find him very hard to watch and even yelled at the tv last night, “He’s lying!!”

  19. This whole thing is quite unbelievable to me, and it shows just what most Americans value. This man was the HERO and savior of America, and people turn on him because he wears “mom jeans” and can’t throw a baseball well? Seriously, that is pathetic. I don’t care for the man because of his current abortion legacy, not because he isn’t cool or athletic. In that sense, I agree with Hal that I don’t care if I have a cool president. But if it is for reasons like this that people stop supporting him, how deeply intellectual and well thought out was their support for him to begin with?

  20. Bobby, I agree with you. However, I don’t think people have really stopped supporting him for such superficial reasons. He still has broad support, perhaps dropping a bit. That’s politics

  21. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!! You guys are hilarous!
    I didn’t know that BO introduced and thanked himself during an appearance. HAHAHA! I guess I shouldn’t laugh. President Bush made a few blunders in office but he was still a good president. But I dislike BO’s policies so much that it’s hard not to laugh at his little human mistakes.
    BTW, I’d love to FIND a pair of “Mom Jeans”. All the jeans in Wal-Mart and every other store are low-rise and I DESPISE low-rise jeans. I look like a moron in them. Let’s just say that I need some “Mom Jeans” to control the “Mom Stomach” that does the little muffin top thing over the low jeans (I’m not very overweight, I just have a little extra on the sides and the stretched-out baby stomach/skin… I’ve had two kids so I know many of you ladies know what I mean). And let’s not forget the fact that low-rise jeans are constantly slipping, er, below the waistband of any kind of underwear I wear or pulling the whole works down and giving me plumber’s crack when I have to get down on the floor to pick up or play with (or change) small children. They are not attractive or practical on me. I guess my body shape might be part of the problem. I’m tall, long legged, and long-waisted.
    Of course, when I wear jeans I also like to wear long shirts to cover part of the top for modesty’s sake. Especially with low-rise jeans that show too much skin otherwise. So maybe “Mom Jeans” wouldn’t look so bad on me. :-)

  22. Hal,9:21am
    Most people only supported him for superficial reasons to begin with. The real Obama is coming through now and people don’t like what they see.

  23. a lot of people, including young people wear low rise jeans when they absolutely should not! Flabby guts hangin out! Just nasty.
    I like my jeans to sit just below the waist.
    And I don’t like Obama because he believes some people namely the unborn, don’t have the right to life.
    The other reason I don’t like him is that I also believe he is hiding something significant about his past – where he was born for one thing.

  24. “Most people only supported him for superficial reasons to begin with. The real Obama is coming through now and people don’t like what they see.
    Posted by: Mary at July 23, 2009 10:39 AM”
    Agreed, Mary. A thousand percent!!

  25. I can understand that even a teleprompter has its limits, but suicide?
    I hear this tragic machine was survived by its toaster wife and their 4 young i-pods.
    Posted by: Mary at July 22, 2009 8:55 PM
    Thanks for the good natured humor aimed at an inanimate object.
    You gots ‘it’!
    yor bro ken

  26. Mary,
    I have just been reading the news and comment about the incident with Harvard Professor Gates and the Cambridge Police Department and the ‘smart’ one making uninformed comments.
    Just heard a recorded interview with the police sargeant who had the encounter with Professor Gates.
    Sounds like Gates has a ‘chip’ on his shoulder and defaults to racial profiling and racial bias at the drop of the badge.
    Samuel Jackson and Nicholas Cage were in a movie together called ‘Amos and Andrew’. Jackson played a character named Andrew Sterling, a Pulitzer Prize winning author who had just purchased a house in a affluent suburb. One his new neighbors sees Sterling moving his stero into his house after dark and assumes because Sterling has an abundance of pigmentation that he must be a thief. So the neighbor calls the cops.
    It just snowballs from there. Cage plays a ‘white trash’ kind of loser who’s first name is Amos.
    Circumstances conspire to join ‘Amos and Andrew’ in an entirely unlikely paring.
    The movie is hilarious and it explodes one common stereotype after another.
    It has some language and strange scenes but most adults could watch without being repulsed.
    I would love to hear Samuel Jacksons take on the Professor Gates affair.
    yor bro ken

  27. Hi Angel,
    I’m an old battleax and the jeans I wear a just a cut below natural waist. They are very age appropriate (nothing makes a woman look more ridiculous than wearing clothes that are not age appropriate) flattering, much more so than my high waisted mom-jeans were. Same with my shorts and capris.
    Just see a pic of yourself once in a pair of mom jeans and the horror will live with you forever.

  28. Hi Ken,
    Sounds like a great movie. I was shocked at The One’s comment about the police acting “stupidly”. This is after admitting he didn’t have all his facts!
    Life has taught me the failsafe method to make yourself look like an absolute idiot:
    1. Shoot off your mouth
    2. Get your facts
    I’ve never seen it fail.
    People “knew” the Duke University students were guilty of rape too, right?

  29. Thank goodness Obama has this “issue” to distract the American people (once again) so we don’t have to “wade through” any important issues like the healthcare bill or federally funded abortion.
    Obama using race to obfuscate issues is the only “transparency” his administration has ever had, pre or post-election. How come more people cannot see this?

  30. Mary,
    Rent the movie. You will laugh. There is also a ‘Sharptonesque’ character who personifies the stereotypical ‘race pimp’.
    There was a movie with Tony Curtis and Sydney Poitier about two members of a chain gang escaping together by reason of the common chain around their ankles. They hated each other because of race, but circumstances threw them together in a flight for life and freedom.
    I cannot recall the name. (It is not ‘The Odd Couple.’) The Defiant Ones.
    yor bro ken

  31. I believe that the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT is spreading like Wildfire because Americans have had enough! I have been to two TEA PARTIES and they are amazing. Eveyone – Democrats, Republicans and Independents feel the same — NO MORE STIMULUS PACKAGES, NO MORE TAXES, WHERE IS THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE??? If I have to provide my birth certificate to obtain a license — why is the President exempt? If I have to give my fingerprint to cash a check, why can’t employers do the same to determine whether an individual is legally entitled to work in the United States? Why do illegal immigrants receive welfare benefits, free college, medical benefits and ESL classes? I do not understand this mentality. If the illegal immigrants did not receive all of these free services would they truly be here? I believe that we need to spend more time, interest and energy on looking at the policies, making the “public servants” and our President responsible for these insane new bills they are pushing through. Health Care??? Like Canada?? Health Care reform is needed, however not this way. The new system they are supporting is insane. The “players” Barbara Boxer with her arrogant demeanor and rude behavior to the Admiral and the Chairman of the National Chamber of Commerce, Nancy Pelosi who is annoying and unable to tell the truth, Harry Reid and many others — what are you thinking??? I never believed that our country could consider things such as a change in currency, disrespect for our country and calling us arrogant. We are not ARROGANT we are MAD! Please check the TEA PARTY in your area you will feel better finding people who feel as you do that we need to have “public servants” who understand what the American people want and need at this time.

  32. Hi Ken,
    I remember when “The Defiant Ones” came out. It was considered quite a bold move for that era but one that I think was a step in the right direction.
    I remember one part where Sidney Poitier told Tony Curtis his white face would stick out like a full moon.
    I always had a crush on Tony Curtis but what red blooded American female didn’t?

  33. LOL @ Yor Bro Ken’s list of obamanator gaffes. He’s a putz, with the latest debacle in stereo with his stupid press secretary, dissing the cops.
    I get the total TOTUS scoop at baracksteleprompter . blogspot . com
    And when I use the word teleprompter in my own blog, usually a link to that site is under it.
    It’s all in the length of the rise with the longest being geezer-jeans, then mom-jeans, then low-rise, then just-say-no-to-crack-jeans, recognizable by the two or three inch zipper.
    Men have a unique brand known as cheap-hotel-syndrome jeans…. “ouch”

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