From what I have seen in my personal experience, abortion is often an issue that grows out of a lack of self-worth. A woman who does not understand her worth will settle for a ‘man’ (I use that word loosely) who demeans her and uses her….
A woman (and all the more increasingly-adolescent girls) who does not understand her worth will give into the sexual advances of men so she can feel wanted and worthwhile, if only for a moment.
A woman who thinks she’s nothing cannot fathom the ability to be a good mother or juggle college and a child or the many other circumstances that women face each day and are often victorious over.
…[J]ust as so many people in the woman’s life tell her she is worthless, they then began to tell her that her child is worthless.

~Commenter Heather M, Live tweeting abortion, Part III, February 24