I was “on the fence” about abortion
before coming here. But, after reading through the posts, I’ve come to
realize something very simple, yet very powerful:

Basic human rights = the right to life. Period. You can try to
justify the suppression of these rights any way you want, but the
bottom-line remains the same. Logically, how can I say I support human
rights if I simultaneously say it’s ok for an entire portion of our
human society to be exterminated? It’s simple: I can’t.

As a side note, I am so impressed by how much more ethically and
scientifically sound the pro-life arguments on this site are than the
pro-choice ones. Perhaps it’s just due to the specific pro-choice
people here, but the pro-choice side sounds facile, illogical, and
devoid of any scientific truth. It’s ironic because that is the
portrayal the pro-life side usually gets by the mainstream media!

~ Commenter Impressed on the Stanek blog post, “Live Tweeting Abortion, Part VI,” February 25