Bethany’s bouncing baby boy makes his debut

bethanyandian.jpgYesterday at 5:38p, moderator Bethany posted on her Facebook profile, “Bethany… is in active labor!?!?! Why yes, yes she is!”
And last night at 6:32p: “Here he is.”
Baby Ian was born weighing exactly 10 lbs..
Aren’t he and Mommy both beautiful?
Congratulations to Bethany and husband James, and big siblings Caleb, Bonnie, and Noah!

51 thoughts on “Bethany’s bouncing baby boy makes his debut”

  1. wow, 10 pounds is a big boy!
    I was one ounce short of 9 pounds when I was born, so he’s got a pound over me. ;)

  2. Awwwww…..wait, 10 lbs????
    COngrats , Bethany! Get your sleep girl, you’re gonna need it… again!

  3. That is a nice, big, healthy baby! This just puts a smile on my face! Children are a BLESSING!!!!!! :-)

  4. Congratulations! Is there anything in life more beautiful than the smile of a mother holding her newborn?

  5. Bethany, you beat me!!!! I just passed 38 weeks yesterday. Going to doctor on Monday! Congratulations. He’s beautiful!! Also, happy to announce my friend Melissa had a little girl the day before Easter! She lost her son 5 months into her last pregnancy d/t an illness called HEllP! He only lived a few hours.

  6. Hi Bethany!
    I have been thinking about you lately and am so glad you and your beautiful little guy are healthy!

  7. Amazing that you look so great after your fourth delivery, Bethany!
    This is what prolifers have that proaborts don’t- JOY!
    So happy for you and your family!!!!

  8. There now is a baby named Ian,
    To love him, you just have to see him.
    And the one thing we know,
    Is that nine months ago,
    He was still a complete human being. 
    So congrats to our James and our Bethany,
    May the days of their lives very blessed be.
    And for Bonnie, poor dear, 
    Let’s all pray that for her,
    Three brothers will not just too many be.

  9. Congratulations! That’s one very lucky little boy that will have no shortage of hugs and kisses. :)

  10. Congratulations to the new-again mom! Good luck- I hope- with breastfeeding again. Enjoy.

  11. O_o ten pound baby… my last (and biggest) was just over 7 pounds and I tore with all three (the last time I lost about a pint of blood just from the tear, which wasn’t so bad but still…)
    Good job, Mom… Congrats! (I considered the name Ian with all my boys, so I like the name too.) :-)

  12. Jill, and everyone…thank you so much for the kind words, prayers, and thoughts!!
    And Henrietta, I am going to save that limerick forever! I don’t know how you do that…you’re so talented!

  13. Henrietta,
    Your gift for limericks is priceless.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.
    yor bro ken

  14. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BETHANY AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY!! “Children are a heritage unto the Lord and the fruit of the womb is HIS REWARD.” You are a blessed wife and mother. His is a beautiful, healthy baby.

  15. Bethany, I had my last two without meds also (it hurt so bad I probably would have wimped out and got the epidural but I didn’t have time – after my first, my babies started coming so fast there was no time for the anesthesiologist to get there). In retrospect, I’m kind of glad God didn’t give me the time to wimp out because I was glad not to have to deal with any of the potential complications for the baby (and the big needle in my back, yikes!). My first was born with depressed respiration because I had morphine too close to delivery and I knew after that I didn’t want morphine again… it was scary.
    I can’t believe you braved a ten-pounder with no meds… you’re my hero! ;-) Seriously, you look great in the pic. And your son is sweet as all babies are. :-)

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