Unfortunately, when put to the test, feminists didn’t open their arms to their conservative sisters or engage in a lively debate. Rather they borrowed a few phrases and attacks from their patriarchal foes, and the leading matriarchs completely dismissed the notion that conservative voices were needed in the sorority….

These reactions radically differed from the platitudes that feminist writers and speakers had offered for decades….

Somewhere, feminists took conservative women completely out of the equation and decided to marginalize them.

… The moment was right when John McCain plucked an obscure governor from AK to serve as his running mate.

To the left, it was political pandering and sexism. To women on the right, someone finally noticed that we existed. Here was a strong, independent woman who had worked hard to achieve her goals, maintained an equal partnership with her husband, balanced family life and lived on a budget.

Mama Grizzlies started long before anyone heard of Sarah Palin. It just took the emergence of a woman who identified with the majority of women in this country for the media to notice….

~Adrienne Royer, BlogHer, September 1

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