Quote of the Day 9-24-10

Pregnancy centers should not trick patients from getting abortions….

Trying to use the “bait and switch” advertising technique on vulnerable, pregnant women by saying the clinic offers free pregnancy tests, then trying to convince the patients not to get an abortion is deceptive and highly unethical.

These crisis centers should have to put a visible sign on their property saying they do not provide abortions or contraceptives, which is exactly what centers in Austin and Baltimore have done.

~Chris Varano, sophomore sports broadcasting major from Dallas, as quoted by tcudailyskiff.com, September 24

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  1. Okay, we’ll put the signs on the doors.  What do they want us to do then?  Let’s face it — they don’t want the pregnancy crisis centers to exist at all!

    Pro-choicers are always saying that we do not respect the decision-making abilities of women, but are these “vulnerable” women so stupid that they don’t know what abortion ALTERNATIVES mean?

  2. Pregnancy crisis centers make it very clear they do not offer referrals for abortion. They emphasize that they offer other options. I recently attended an abortion healing workshop to help me cope with my past abortion. The counselors were so supportive and so helpful. I am on the road to recovering from the horrible choice I made. Pregnancy crisis centers are truly there for women.
    The abortion clinic said they offered counseling and I signed up for it one week after my abortion. When I showed up, I was told my counselor doesn’t work on Saturdays. Why was I scheduled then? I ended up talking with a nurse/assistant who was more concerned about if I was experiencing any pain or fever. She proceeded to say it was normal to feel this way after an abortion and I would eventually get over it. She also proceeded to say if I was really feeling that bad about it I could call back and schedule another appointment with the counselor. Abortion clinics do not care about women.

  3. If I would have gone to a CPC things might have turned out differently for me. I would have seen the ultrasound of my baby, I would have heard the heartbeat, I would have been offered help and support and care. Someone would have taken the time to listen to my fears. I would have been told the risks of abortion and the truth of what abortion would do to my innocent preborn baby.

    I wouldn’t have made that appointment at the abortion clinic and gone through with it 20 years ago.

  4. RCH: I’m sorry things have been so tough for you, both with having an abortion and with the unsympathetic response from the abortion clinic. A good book for you to read might be Forbidden Grief, byTheresa Burke with David Reardon. They talk about how a lot of mental health professionals have a hard time dealing with a patient/client’s feelings of grief and loss after an abortion because even if they truly want to help someone, a lot of the pro-choice ones don’t want to acknowledge that the “free choice” they’ve supported can make women regretful, sad, depressed, and sometimes suicidal. I’m glad you found people who have helped you.

    Here’s what I don’t get about this whole “deceitful CPC” thing – there is nothing to stop a woman from asking, “Do you refer for abortions here?” and then walking out if told no. They’re called pregnancy care centers because they care about pregnancy, not because they want to forcibly end it.

  5. They scream at us in person and scream on the internet: “Help women!  Why don’t you help women?!” and then when we do they thwart us at every turn.

    Pro-choicers don’t care about women. 

  6. Thank you for your kind words. Carla, keep strong. Marauder, I noted the title of the book so I can buy it. I always look for resources to help me through this. Thank you.
    Ninek, no, pro-choicers do not care about women. I even turned to them for post-abortive help. I was totally ignored on the forum because my hurt goes against their ideology. I did, however, receive private messages in my inbox telling me that weak women like me throw “true feminists” back into the dark ages. What does abortion accomplish for feminism? The fact the government lets us kill our children in the name of choice, of “progressive feminism”? There is nothing progressive about killing our children. It opens the doors for all kinds of abuse: can’t advance in the company if you have this child, can’t continue your education if you have this child, lost opportunities if you have this child, etc. True progressive feminism is when a woman CAN and DOES advance while having children.

  7. RCH–So sorry about what you went through. Glad you’re getting the help/support/assistance you need. God bless you.

    Regarding the quote:

    Yeah, I don’t get it anymore than you, ninek, Carla, marauder, phyillymiss! We told we don’t care about women, that we don’t do anything but say abortion is wrong/bad/whatever, but when we DO offer the help that goes with our stance, they tell us we’re doing a “bait and switch” and “lying”.  So which is it? Either we’re helping women or we’re not.

    Given that places like the Gabriel Project give baby items to mothers in need, CPCs offer free/affordable health care, there’s adoption agencies that offer help with living situations (my family worked with an adoption agency like that) and there’s OB/GYNs and MDs that volunteer their time/expertise to help these women I don’t know what else they expect us to do–oh yeah, they expect us to offer abortions or refer to abortion clinics which goes against our beliefs/stance! They want us to be hypocrits so that they can hold that against us.

    HA! Ain’t gonna happen!

  8. “I did, however, receive private messages in my inbox telling me that weak women like me throw “true feminists” back into the dark ages.”

    R, I totally relate. For the first few years, I thought that maybe there was something wrong with ME.  My friends, who encouraged the abortion, had only one recommendation: get drunk.  No one at the facility told me about the hormonal changes I would experience, or how long I’d be sick or anything at all.  It was all, “Oh, you’re going to be so relieved.”   I was relieved for about 2 seconds when the valium first hit, and it was all downhill after that.  I’ve found a lot of encouragement watching the Silent No More video testimonials.  A lot of women went through a terrible aftermath.  We’re normal, we’re strong, and yes, we will heal. 

  9. Carla and RCH, I am sorry about your painful experiences.  I  think that many hard-core feminists wish that women like you would just go away, because you challenge the rhetoric that says that abortion “empowers” women.  I hope you find healing!

    HA! Ain’t gonna happen

    No, it isn’t, Texas Mom.  I told you I work at a very pro-abortion agency.  I know abortion is legal, etc., but I would rather be fired than assist in procuring an abortion in any way.

    And all the attacks on CPC’s are just making us stronger. Check out this organization, which not only helps pregnant moms but homeless women and struggling families: http://www.severalsources.net/

  10. Phillymiss,

    I continue to heal and reach out to other women. I am the WI leader for Operation Outcry, I am on the board of my local CPC, I am a Rachel’s Vineyard facilitator, I am active with the Bella Hero Project, and Silent No More Minnesota. Oh, and I am a moderator here. :)


    I will not be silent! I am not alone! Women deserve better than abortion!



    You are welcome to email me anytime. Would love to get to know you and offer any support you need.


  11. phillymiss,

    My computer is being funky and won’t let me copy and paste something you said. But the line you said:  “but I would rather be fiered than assist in procuring an abortion in any way.” really nailed the point home. Good for you!

    I hope maybe you can find a job that isn’t very pro-abort, but I understand with this economy in many cases it’s hard to find a job. It’s very sad.

    Keep up the good work, though. You being a light there in the darkness might make a positive difference one day!

  12. If you really believed the abortion cartel that they are all about “choice” then you would be scratching your heads wondering why they hate CPCs so much when we are the other equation to “choice”. You guys offer abortion and we offer support to have the baby. isn’t that what “choice” is all about? Huh? Huh? Having all the options and resources out there and available to women?
    But you “pro-choice” people are about selling abortion. Not about choice. you know if CPCs exist and offer their support more and more women will reject abortion and that means less money in your pocket. So you try everything in your power to close us down even if that means taking choice away from women. Kinda hypocritical.

  13. Thank you all for the posts! I’m noting the links and contact information shared. I’m just getting started on the Silent No More Campaign and our family committed to not eating out several times a month so we could donate to the CPC that provided the abortion healing for me and for Project Defending Life and several other like-minded causes. Whatever I can do to help, I’m there. I was also at the 40 Days for Life campaign in front of our local abortion clinic. These actions have really helped the healing process for me.

  14. Okay, we’ll put the signs on the doors. What do they want us to do then? Let’s face it — they don’t want the pregnancy crisis centers to exist at all!

    Pro-choicers are always saying that we do not respect the decision-making abilities of women, but are these “vulnerable” women so stupid that they don’t know what abortion ALTERNATIVES mean?

    Bingo. Well said.

  15. Why are pregnant women strong and resigned when they walk in for an abortion but vulnerable and weak when they walk into a pregnancy resource center? People aren’t stupid. Women are aware of what a CPC is if they looked it up. Stop patronizing women- being pregnant doesn’t make you weak. Circumstances are hard, but women are strong and we need to focus on giving women the resources that they need and removing the stigmas that they don’t need, not using words like “vulnerable” or “prey” because in his context they are misogynistic and paternalistic.

  16. They scream at us in person and scream on the internet: “Help women! Why don’t you help women?!” and then when we do they thwart us at every turn.

    Pro-choicers don’t care about women.

    That’s because we’re not “helping” them by encouraging them to kill their children.

  17. What do the signs of the CPCs in Austin or Baltimore look like?  I”m hoping they really own this whole “put up a sign” business by posting something like, “CRUELTY FREE PREGNANCY CENTER: PROUDLY REFUSING TO PERFORM ABORTIONS OR ABORTION REFERALS.”

  18. I don’t know WHAT they’re talking about. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are listed (at least in the Yellow Pages here where I live in Oklahoma) under the heading “Abortion Alternatives”…what do they think that means?

  19. And, what exactly is “deceptive” about offering free pregnancy tests??? They don’t suddenly CHARGE for them once they’re in there. I know..I volunteered in a CPC for a year.

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