Quote of the Day 9-30-10

Danco Laboratories, which markets RU-486 as Mifeprex, says more than 1.2 million U.S. women have used Mifeprex to terminate a pregnancy by blocking the hormone progesterone – needed to continue a pregnancy. After swallowing three Mifeprex pills in their healthcare provider’s office, women return two days later to take two tablets of misoprostol.

~UPI.com, September 28

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day 9-30-10”

  1. What if a woman says, “Okay I’ll take the RU 486”. She takes the first dose, but changes her mind and doesn’t come back for those last 2 pills? What happens to her and the baby she might be carring?  Has this ever happened?  If so what were the results.
    A prolifer

  2. I saw the first DNX infanticide in Silent Scream it was aAll I could take.  I became very sick at my stomach, and horrified.  I couldn’t watch anymore after the life went out of the baby’s eyes.  I cannot for the life of me understand wanting to murder an innocent human like that, and esp with the sissors! What a horror!!!  We don’t even do that to death row inmates and even to dogs. Dogs on death row are treated better than the unborn humans.
    They get sodium pentathol and probably a painkiller, but not the baby. The baby gets to feel it all :( :( :(
    Women like me who can’t have any babies of their own aren’t allow to adopt at my age an American baby.  But babies can be murdered at any stage of their development in this county.  The demand for adoptable children is higher than what is available.
    These murdered children are wanted.  Maybe not by their birth parents, but certainly by childess folks(there are a lot).  Abortion is all about selfishness.  IT is the opposite of maturity.  Oh that’s right, mature people get put into “old folks home” and shut away for what is left of their lives(I’m being sarcastic. ButI mean what I say none the less).  Yes I’m bitter.  I’m extrememly sick of what I see and I’m very angry about it.
    Thanks for letting me rant.

  3. I asked it because I can see it happening.  I can imagine it.  The fear and anxioty of birthing and raising a child in today’s world and messed up family life, and then the fear of loosing the child you love so dear, torn.  So it’s easy for me to imagine and ask this question.

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