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Background on the video and link to words…. In August liberals Lily Allen and Erica Payne posted a music video on YouTube in response to the Tea Party called “F*** Tea” (WARNING, obviously vulgar).  In response, according to Big Hollywood yesterday:

… So, in order to combat the well-heeled Ms. Payne, the vast amounts of capital at her disposal and her obvious abundance of talent and creativity, Gary [Eaton] wrote “See You in November.” As he tells it:

Coming up with a title for a response to the ‘F*** Tea’ campaign wasn’t hard. Watching the video and reading about their campaign, the four words that kept popping into my head were “See You In November.” Four words my wife, bassist/vocalist Shelli Eaton, spit out as a throw away at the end of “Bon Bon.”

But I didn’t want to write a Lee Greenwood anthem. That horse has been beaten to death. The response had to throw their words and failed attempts to discredit the Tea Party movement right back in their faces.

I think he hit the mark squarely. “See You in November” takes all the sugary sweetness of Allen’s song and packs it with a punch reminiscent of The Clash’s “London Calling.”

What it all boiled down to was Erica Payne, Lily Allen (peripherally) and tons o’ cash versus a few friends, Gary Eaton’s garage and a guy with a camera.  We’ll leave it up to the viewer to declare a victor.

“The Army You Have” started out as just Gary Eaton.  Shelli joined up, then Michael, then Boris and, later, ‘Zo jumped in to help with the video.  Now, we need you. You are “The Army You Have.”  No, strike that.  You can be a part of “The Army You Have.”  We don’t draft.  You enlist.

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