As you know, our taxpayer dollars will unfortunately continue to support abortions at Planned Parenthood, at least until the next federal budget is voted upon.

I found a video uploaded by PP last year, promoting their in-clinic abortions for pregnancies up to 14 weeks.


Two key points I noted where PP is being deceptive. The “emptying out of the uterus” (taking a baby’s life with unimaginable agony) does not just take 5 minutes. And the abortionist does not “gently” use suction to “empty the uterus”. I learned at my local CPC that there is a lot of pain associated with suction abortions due to the sharp edge of the suction tube and the force with which it is used.

How does this staged (phony) video differ from the actual abortion experience at PP or other pro-choice women’s centers? I would imagine there are several women each day visiting this site who are contemplating an abortion or know someone who is. What should these ladies know beforehand?

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[HT: Planned Parenthood]

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