The baseline is that abortion is prohibited by Jewish law, but every situation is unique and different and needs to be looked at with great care and sensitivity….

Some rabbis are more lenient than others are with what constitutes the health of the mother being in danger.

… If we’re able to make a difference to people who might want to keep their baby, that is a great way to add to the strength of the Jewish people.

~ Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld of Ohev Shalom, the DC National Synagogue, remarking on his involvement with Jewish crisis pregnancy center In Shifra’s Arms, as quoted by, June 15

ISA, founded by former Dept. of Labor Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives employee Erica Pelman, was named for Shifra, one of the midwives who saved Hebrew babies from Pharaoh in the biblical account of the Exodus.

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