UPDATE, 1:40p: Just spoke with Tom Glessner, founder of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates and also an attorney, and he had great insights: “The court victories against these anti-pregnancy resource center ordinances serve as a turning point in this legal battle. Let all municipal councils beware that attempts to restrict the free speech of prcs now subjects them to serious civil liability risks.”

2:07p: Great news. New York City has become the second of three major cities* where pro-abortion edicts attempting to force pregnancy care centers to post signage that they do not commit abortions are meeting constitutional resistance.

Congrats to LifeSiteNews.com, which broke the story:

A federal district court judge on Wednesday granted a preliminary injunction blocking a New York City gag law against local pro-life pregnancy centers, which would have gone into effect tomorrow.

Int. No. 371 would have forced pregnancy centers to prominently state whether they provide abortions at its premises and on its advertising, a mandate hailed by NARAL Pro-Choice New York as a sign of the city council’s “commitment to choice” after it passed in March.

I just spoke with Chris Slattery of EMC Pregnancy Centers in NYC, who responded, “This is a huge victory for not only the NYC pro-life movement but the whole country, because this will thwart the attacks planned in cities across America. The main principle we went on was upholding the First Amendment, and thank God, there are still good judges, even in New York, who see the primary importance of this civil right.”

District Judge William Pauley wrote in his opinion that the NYC rule was “unquestionably a direct limitation on free speech, adding a dig at the pro-abortion ACLU: “Given the New York Civil Liberties Union’s usual concern for First Amendment rights, its amicus brief supporting Defendant’s expansive view of the commercial speech doctrine is puzzling.”

Read more on the decision from the Alliance Defense Fund.

*A similar law attacking Baltimore’s prcs was also overturned, and pro-lifers have just filed a lawsuit to block Austin’s ordinance.

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