by LauraLoo

Last night ABC News Primetime Nightline featured Terry Moran and Barbara Walters as they conducted exclusive interviews with Jennifer Ford (Juror No. 3) and Casey Anthony’s rookie lawyer, José Baez.


To see the exclusive José Baez interview with Barbara Walters, click here.

Some questions come to mind:

1.  Will taxpayers be forced to provide bodyguards for Casey’s safety when she finishes serving her sentence in 6 days?

2.  As for Casey’s financial needs, what do you predict will happen after her release:

– Is she employable for a regular job, since public opinion views her as evil?
– Will Casey become rich by doing the media circuit and writing a tell-all book?
– Will Casey go back to the partying lifestyle and find a guy to take care of her?
– Or is it possible Casey would be invited to go live with her estranged parents?

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[HT: ABC News Primetime Nightline]

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