by LauraLoo

Squeeeee!  I was drawn at first to this adorable baby’s pudgy arms! :D  But here’s the background on this video according to the poster:

My 7-month-old daughter laughs at her 2-year-old brother for throwing a tantrum.  We were in the middle of cleaning up the house.  He has no myelin sheaths in his brain so he is super sensitive.  I usually talk him through his tantrums but don’t baby him or allow him to get away with doing what he wants.  He basically will throw fits for pretty much the lamest of reasons, and it’s funny because it seems that the baby understands it’s pointless the way she smirks and starts to laugh.  He eventually recovers and is fine again.

So this post is way more than an adorable baby with pudgy arms.  God bless this family, may He continue to work mightily in their lives.

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