by LauraLoo

I am so grateful to be employed in this fragile economy.  Remembering the genesis of labor laws, as well as the physical hardships of workers who oftentimes worked in hot plant environments, I am once again reminded that my worst day in my air-conditioned office can never compare to what these workers endured (and what some still endure today). 


Do you have any work stories to share — your favorite job, your worst job?  Have you ever worked in both a plant and office environment and, if so, how would you compare the challenges of each? 

My favorite job was being a stenographer (typing and shorthand).  Home base was in a Steno pool with other newly graduated high-school girls, ready to be deployed to cover absentee secretaries or to do the overflow of typing needed for the Corporation.  The most challenging jobs I’ve ever had was Executive Assistant to the President/Owner of an insurance company and my current position – processing payroll for about 1,200 employees.

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