by LauraLoo

UPDATE 9p: ABC has disabled embedding capability. Watch the video here.

Would you confront a teenager bullying his girlfriend at a clothing store, trying to get her to dress more provocatively? ABC’s John Quiñones asks the question, What Would You Do?


Also, a question for our female audience: did you ever experience a man who wanted to control your wardrobe in some way?  In my mid 20’s, I thought it strange that the man I was seeing didn’t want me to wear makeup, skirts above my knee, or high-heeled shoes.  His preference for me was gym shoes, jeans, and no makeup – anything to detract from my femininity.  He also bullied me by controlling conversations until they were discussed to his satisfaction.  Fortunately, God entered my life, ended that abusive relationship and, not too long thereafter, I became a Christian.

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