Lunch Break: Nature’s “Invasion of the Giant Pythons”

by LauraLoo

Continuing the spirit of not just creepy but REALLY CREEPY…

This video excerpt below, featured on last week’s Nature ( first shows a Burmese python losing its life to an alligator.  Then the tables are turned and an alligator is swallowed whole by a python!  

YouTube Preview Image

Even though initially I was grossed out by this, I reminded myself that these types of predatory feedings occur every day in wildlife and each species needs to find food to survive – which makes it a little more palatable to watch. 

The complete video “Invasion of the Giant Pythons” also explains some of the reasons why the Florida Everglades National Park has been overtaken by Burmese pythons.

WARNING: Content not suitable for those who are sensitive to wildlife predators.

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11 thoughts on “Lunch Break: Nature’s “Invasion of the Giant Pythons””

  1. Is this a parable for what it took to overcome the glitch which caused such botheration for your site?
    It had to be dealt with in bite sized chunks, which meant it took longer to overcome?


  2. Speaking of gross, I’ve seen photos of pythons that burst open from  too large a meal.
    Which reminds me. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving.


  3. The only Python movie  –  oh, clever of you, Reality  –  that I haven’t seen. Just because of that scene, I guess.
    To tell the truth, I’ll only be eating massive quantities of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. I’m the original meat and potatoes guy.
    Now I’ll be taking a silly walk to bed.


  4. LOL to both of you. :D
    Hans, all I need is stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy for Thanksgiving and I’m happy!
    In the complete video, depending on the size of the prey, pythons can go as long as one year without another meal. 
    Not only does God create mankind “fearfully and wonderfully,” the same goes for all of his creatures.


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