by LauraLoo

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the 11th anniversary of one of the most tragic days in U.S. history, the loss of almost 3,000 precious souls due to 9/11/2001.

Video #1 was taken from a high rise near the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. A unique perspective from a family who felt it was important to document what happened that tragic day in U.S. history.


1) Name of God is said multiple times due to the tremendous loss of life.
2) Not suitable for children or very sensitive adults.


Video #2 is the one-hour eleven minute heartbreaking 9/11 documentary which centers around one photographer’s search to identify “the falling man.” Other people discuss their final conversations with their loved ones who were trapped inside the WTC.

WARNING: This documentary is controversial in nature as some feel those who leapt to their death should not have been photographed, that their decisions to leap should have remained sacred and private. This documentary is extremely difficult to watch, with some adult language. Content may not be suitable for anyone who is extremely sensitive or who lost loved ones in 9/11.


On a brighter note, currently under construction (due to be completed by the 12th anniversary) is the One World Trade Center, or Freedom TowerHere is a montage of photos related to the past 11 years of Ground Zero.

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