by LauraLoo

Help The Teenage Life Club send one million pro-life letters to the US government for the STAND UP for Life Challenge during September.

At the end of the month, top 10 people with the most “points” will win pro-life resources. Sign-up at: For more information, check out the group’s website and Facebook page. Here’s a message from their leader…


Here are the five ways to participate and earn “points”:

  1. Hand-out the “Are You Pro-Life? cards” (1 point each)
  2. Sign and send form letters (2 points each)
  3. Write and send a pro-life letter (3 points each)
  4. Letters4Life Bonus (5 points each)
  5. Church Involvement Month (25 points)*Special Challenge* – Do something creative like hosting a letter-writing party or sending a pro-life poster to the White House.

Special bonus points for anyone who does something creative and then tells us at

Great job, Angela!

[HT: Angela Kim, President, The Teenage Life Club]

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