Pro-life video of the day: “STAND UP for Life” challenge

by LauraLoo

Help The Teenage Life Club send one million pro-life letters to the US government for the STAND UP for Life Challenge during September.

At the end of the month, top 10 people with the most “points” will win pro-life resources. Sign-up at: For more information, check out the group’s website and Facebook page. Here’s a message from their leader…

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Here are the five ways to participate and earn “points”:

  1. Hand-out the “Are You Pro-Life? cards” (1 point each)
  2. Sign and send form letters (2 points each)
  3. Write and send a pro-life letter (3 points each)
  4. Letters4Life Bonus (5 points each)
  5. Church Involvement Month (25 points)*Special Challenge* – Do something creative like hosting a letter-writing party or sending a pro-life poster to the White House.

Special bonus points for anyone who does something creative and then tells us at

Great job, Angela!

[HT: Angela Kim, President, The Teenage Life Club]

6 thoughts on “Pro-life video of the day: “STAND UP for Life” challenge”

  1. I think it’s just terrific to emphasize teen involvement in the Pro-life Cause. The other side sees them as strictly sex-obsessed people who should be all for an “easy way out”.
    But once you get a little older you see that they are the people who are closest in age to all those siblings and cousins who are being snuffed out around them. They should be the most hurt, and have the strongest voice in protest.
    Go young people! Show us how wrong we’ve been!


  2. Denise, I think that the answer to your question is yes. If we could make sure that statuatory rape laws are” strictly enforced” sounds like common sense (which “just ain’t common anymore”) to help bring down abortion numbers. But how would you ever get PP to report the sexual predators who show up with $400-$500 a pop at their doors with underage girls that they have impregnated? Do you know what would happen to their bottom line if they actually reported statuatory rape? It would take a definite hit. I have friends who have been counselors and prayer support at PP for years and have seem older men literally dragging what were obviously young girls in the doors almost kicking and screaming and PP staff does absolutely nothing. Sometimes the girls even won’t get out of the car and are verbally (sometimes physically) abused and threatened right in front of them. But if the girl is too scared. What do you think will happen? Absolutely NOTHING!  No police will be called and no complaints will be filed.  


  3. @ ProLifer L: I have read that the MAJORITY of underage girls who get pregnant are impregnated by adult men. That means the MAJORITY are crime victims! Radically decrease this crime of statutory rape and we have a chance of radically decreasing abortions.

    PP is not omnipotent. They are parents, friends, siblings, teachers, and many other people around teen girls. They can all be appealed to in order to make sure men who commit statutory rape are PROSECUTED!  Simply enforcing laws that have long been on the books would go a long way to reducing this horror!!!!!


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