Pro-life video of the day: Pearl Joy Brown, miracle baby

by LauraLoo

When doctors advised Eric and Ruth Brown to get an abortion because their baby’s condition was “incompatible with life,” they refused. Being confident that God makes no mistakes, the Browns chose life and are now the proud parents of Pearl Joy, the miracle baby.

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What a special little girl!  So glad the Browns are able to enjoy her a day at a time.

See the Brown family’s blog here.

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49 thoughts on “Pro-life video of the day: Pearl Joy Brown, miracle baby”

  1. Wow! What a story. May God continue to bless them and give them the grace and courage they need for each day with Baby Pearl, AMEN!


  2. Everybody, say it with me: you do not have a condition incompatible with life unless you are dead. 


  3. God bless this family.  Their blog is amazing.  What Eric Brown has to say about all the hateful comments on HuffPo is so touching:  “When you get shredded to the degree that we have, you’re left standing naked with nothing left to prove. Which is where we were all along, but never realized it. “
    Here’s another quote from the last entry:
    “So there you go. Life is hard. And beautiful.  And filled with awe. And wonder. And suffering. And peace. God is sovereign over all of my family and there is not one particle of dust on our living room fan that he isn’t in control over. He is the Good Shepherd, and we trust him. He is here with us, and sometimes he ordains that we suffer, all the while we know that it is for our good and his glory. If he didn’t spare his only Son from suffering, but rather ordained it, why would he spare us from all suffering? I’ve got to be honest…I read ahead and I already know how the story ends. Jaws are going to hit the floor. Actually, knees will hit the floor as well. All of this suffering, which is true suffering, seems quite temporal in light of what’s to come, and what’s already here.”


  4. Lrning, I made the mistake of reading those comments on the HuffPo. I just don’t understand how jaded so many people are about this world and the things in it, and how these people count themselves among the “enlightened” and “compassionate,” but are the first up to volunteer to kill their fellow humans who don’t fit their bill of perfection. I don’t know I even went there, I knew beforehand how utterly ugly and vicious they would be.


  5. Seizures every day and this child isn’t suffering, what? The point of medicine is to alleviate pain and suffering, not to play frankenstein.
    birth at all costs, wooo!


  6. But fine, their choice. Choice is choice. However, one last thing: have the die-hard conservatives here noticed who’s footing the bill for this child’s medical expenses?


  7. So your position is that it’s better for this child to be dead than with parents who are loving and taking care of her, and that it’s expensive to care for her and conservatives should be all kindsa mad that she’s alive?


  8. Yeah hhhmmmm/Blue Velvet

    First off. Pick a moniker and stick with it.

    The parents should kill her now.  I mean just suffocate her and put her out of her misery and then they can “move on.”   Riiiiiiiight.  

    I can just imagine the comments.  I try very hard to NOT read them but it is a good reminder of the evil we are dealing with. 


  9. “The point of medicine is to alleviate pain and suffering, not to play frankenstein” You obviously haven’t read the book since what you’re saying makes absolutely no sense in this context.


  10. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. How are we supposed to take seriously the opinions of someone who can’t figure out their own name? 


  11. We all suffer, dude. Do you want someone else to make an arbitrary decision that your suffering is too much and take you out of it? With no input from you whatsoever?


  12. And: if her parents can’t afford to pay for her treatment, who should pick up the tab?


  13. Blue Velvet,

    Looks to me like the parents are taking full responsiblity for the care and expense of the child.

    Aren’t you the folks who demand the taxpayer pay for everyone else’s abortions?     


  14. Not aborting and resorting to extraordinary measures to prolong the inevitable are two separate decisions. I get the former. From both a religious and humanist perspective I understand not wanting take a life that poses no threat to anyone else or “play God”. The latter I personally do not understand. Just because we can keep a dying person alive far longer than nature would allow hardly means we should, especially when doing so would prolong suffering.


  15. Come to think of it Blue Velvet,

    What if parents can’t pay for the treatment of an autistic child? What if parents can’t pay for the treatment of a child disabled by accident or illness? What if parents can’t pay for cancer treatment? Who picks up the tab?

    If for some reason Blue Velvet someone can’t pay for your treatment and you can’t pay for your own treatment and maybe long term care. Who picks up the tab?     


  16. Nicole,

    It doesn’t look to me like the family is doing anything more than humane, loving care. The child is sustaining life on her own. The mother says it is day to day so obviously they know they child can die at any time. If she is seizuring, well, epileptics seizure. There are seizure disorders.
    At this point in her life, I seriously doubt she suffers at all. She would become unconcious during a seizure.    


  17. Jack: If I were suffering a prolonged, painful death, I would, if I had the cognitive capacity, hope for the most humane treatment possible. I can’t fault this child’s parents with making the decision they did (and what a terrible position to be in), but Pearl should not be touted as some kind of pro-life miracle baby. Her suffering isn’t a testament to anything except for the chaotic, unpredictable and often unjust workings of the universe. No child can suffer nobly.
    Mary: Where did you read that? The HuffPo article says that her parents are relying fully on TennCare to pay for Pearl’s medical expenses.


  18. Blue Velvet, not all pro-lifers oppose overhauling the current healthcare system. Not even all pro-lifers at this site. :) Personally I’ve spent most of my gainfully employed adult life without health insurance, so I believe pretty strongly that inability to pay cash for lifesaving treatments does not equal incompatibility with life. Our healthcare system is a disgrace. Abortion is a disgrace. They do not justify each other.


  19. Blue Velvet,

    I stand corrected. But tell me how you feel about the parents who get state assistance for an autistic or CP child or a child left mentally or physically diabled by a drunk driver?  A family in our community had a teenage daughter left quadraplegic by a drunk driver. Should they not get state aid? Their daughter requires far more extensive care than Pearl Joy and may for several more years.

    Again, aren’t you the folks demanding the taxpayer foot the bill for everyone else’s abortions?    


  20. So grateful today that HmmBV is not Pearl Joy’s Daddy.

    Her family loves her just the way she is.  

    The prodeath crowd just can’t fathom it. 


  21. Alexandra: Judging from the comments I’ve read on this site I can assume you’re in the minority in thinking that Obamacare isn’t a golden path paved straight to hell.


  22. “Her family loves her just the way she is.”
    No they don’t. Loved “just the way she is,” she would die immediately. Her family loves her with an insane amount of medical intervention.


  23. BV,

    Are you among the folks demanding the taxpayer foot the bill for everyone else’s abortions?

    A simple yes or no will suffice.   


  24. They love her.  They wanted her. They named her. They care for her. She is their daughter.  They REFUSED to let anyone talk them into ending her life.

    Why is this such a hard concept to grasp?? 


  25. Yes. And for everybody else’s asthma care and concussions and cholesterol medication. Single payer: cut out the profit-hungry middleman and you’ll see prices drop like magic.


  26. Blue Velvet, I don’t agree with a lot of people here on healthcare in general (not that I am all gung-ho in favor of the ACA – I think it just props up a failing system, really) but do you think you’re the only person here who disagrees with anyone else? Heck, I can’t even go to a simple family dinner and expect to agree with every single person on every single point; why would I ever go anywhere on the great wide internets and expect monolithic agreement?

    I don’t believe in hell at all so I don’t think the ACA is a paved path there, but I do think abortion is a human rights violation. 


  27. BV 10:06PM

    LOLLLLL. Right. I figured as much. I can spot you people without trying.
    Hey BV, if you believe that then I’ve got some great ocean front property in Montana to sell you. LOLLLLLLLLLL



  28. hmmm let me guess.

    Your one of those practicing the foolishness of banning the Catholic Church from helping non-Catholics.

    This is what were going to have to do if we are to remain exempt from paying your costly chemical sterility drugs, you know–the abortifactents, abortions and sterilizers that are *critically* cutting the cost of the entire HHS mandate by reducing the population. 

    That’s you, right? 


  29. And guess what Tenncare is not just state paid insurance. You have to pay into the system-so just because they are taking full advantage of a service they subscribe to doesn’t make them freeloaders, it makes them savvy consumers with an adorable bundle of sunshine.

    Your iphone can’t hug you back. Neither can your car, your fancy purse, ect.. ect.

    This little autistic girl gave me a little ray of sunshine this past weekend, and it was worth a million bucks.

    Call her worthy of death if you will, I call her a miracle.
    Especially when you consider the social darwinists who told her parents to kill her, and that a love of Christ saved her for us to all share and smile back at..! A miracle indeed :-)


  30. LOL LOL indeed! So who pays for the scenarios you outlined, Mary? Charity? The emergency room (i.e. insurance policy holders)?
    And with all this wacky global warming, who knows! Oceanfront real estate in Montana might just be thriving in a few years ;)


  31. CityofAngels: If they weren’t savvy consumers, if they were totally indigent, then what?


  32. BV 6:27am

    Wacky global warming? You are more far gone than I thought. That certainly explains a lot.

    Hey BV, ya still interested in that oceanfront property in Montana?      


  33. I  prefer to kick in $$  to support kids like Pearl Joy, rather than foot the bill for those whiners who want free birth control pills, and able bodied people who won’t get up off of the couch. 


  34. “I prefer to kick in $$ to support kids like Pearl Joy, rather than foot the bill for those whiners who want free birth control pills, and able bodied people who won’t get up off of the couch.”
    I agree 100%. People like Pearl Joy and her family are the ones who should be receiving tax-payer money. I admittedly do not have all the answers on the best way for a health care system to work. But it is upsetting that we have to foot the bill for adults who get diseases after they choose to smoke, become obese, or engage in non-marital sex, when there are so many folks like this family!


  35. Better dead than suffering. The mantra of pro-abortion folks (oh right…”pro-choice” but with the belief that one choice is really really inferior and with results that society shouldn’t have to pay for. Not pro-abortion though).
    Children have come through immense suffering, defied odds, beaten all medical prognoses. Should all their parents have given up on them? If you had a child diagnosed with a teminal illness, would you kill them at diagnosis? Would you kill them rather than give them a chance to beat the odds? Maybe this child will come through and maybe she won’t, but to give her a chance to live out her life is the right choice. The only right choice. Who made you the arbiter of whose suffering should be ended by death, and who should get to arbitrate the quality of your life without your say so. Just because YOU would rather die than suffer doesn’t mean other people don’t deserve the opportunity to try to make it through their suffering.


  36. What amazing parents. Alot of people would think to give up on their kids, and take the ‘mercy’ killing strategy literally. Alot of parents would. Good ones are champion long distance runners, geniouse scientists, brilliant artists, except, rather than excelling in something purely material, they are brilliantly, excellently, good at caretaking. Divinely inspired. This is not lost on the children. People who have good Moms, know it, and they don’t believe in mercy killing or try to tell other people that t do so would help the rest of society out. 
    The fact of the matter is that so many people lost out on that great parenting or simply didn’t appreciate their Moms love. These are the ones who miracles are lost on. Sorry Blue Velvet. Will pray for you and your ‘indignation, ‘hmm” at blessed Pearl and blessed Mary, so that you may realize your blessed too, if you choose to accept God’s crosses – a gift in disguise indeed. If you don’t accept those crosses, I am telling you, your missing the point of living, and your embracing death. But you MUST already know your embracing death, because your advocating it for ‘unhealthy,’ babies. What is health to you, are you denying there’s a spiritual side to human health>? Despair isn’t good for the heart. No one here is despairing. They are overcoming death.

    Anyways, there’s a good Bible quote, will have to post it in next reply. 


  37. Gee, according to some people, if I can’t afford the medicine I need to take every day for my bipolar disorder, someone should just shoot me.


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