Pro-life vid of day: Preschooler’s life hinges on solving mystery

michaelby LauraLoo

3-year-old Michael Gonzalez of Florida has been diagnosed with food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome, and his parents are in a panic.

Michael can’t eat regular food, and requires 20 to 30 bottles of prescription-only formula, Neocate Junior, daily.  But his predicament has gone from worrisome to alarming. Shortly after the formula manufacturer Nutricia changed its packaging in August 2012, Michael suffered from severe gastrointestinal distress.  Convinced that the company also changed the formula, his parents have hoarded containers full of older stock, which will expire this year in October.

While Nutricia insists the formulation and ingredients for their formula have not changed, they have received 14 other similar complaints from parents across the country. They are working with the FDA to investigate. Meanwhile, the Gonzalez family is seeking help for Michael from the Mayo Clinic:

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13 thoughts on “Pro-life vid of day: Preschooler’s life hinges on solving mystery”

  1. We take so much for granted…like eating food. I have a grown friend who hasn’t eaten in 3 years. If she has so much as a tictac she ends up in the hospital with severe pains. They have done tests, surgeries…don’t know when the end will be in sight. 
    Praying for this family and this little boy. I wish I could help him somehow.


  2. That poor child. :( I hope that they end up finding something that works for him. If you think you’re having a bad day, it is not hard to look around and find someone who has it much worse. My thoughts are with him and his family


  3. I don’t know but I’d start with some flora product like ‘Actiplus’, then try some unheated honey gently stirred into organic raw fertilized egg.  You MIGHT find these at a very good health food store.  [The Bactiplus is online,]
    There are other things to try like colostrum and NZ bovine and deer placenta + deer blood (in capsules.


  4. What about human breast milk? It is the food perfectly designed for young bodies. Is it possible for a baby to be allergic to his mother’s own milk?


  5. I think they said that it started when he was just a few days (or even hours?) old, so unless they were using formula, I’d assume his body couldn’t handle breast milk either. poor little guy


  6. what I gave above is an alternative to what he would find in an orthodox hospital setting.  I’d love to quiz the mother more about her earliest experiences breastfeeding and what she was coaxed to do.,  The very first milk is not colostrum but a liquid high in hydrogen peroxide that cleanses the newborn’s intestinal tract, ie. it forces a big poop.  Some nurses may not like this clean-up & will separate mother-child at birth and begin the babe on formula (cows’ milk – bad news).  That ealriest picture may have shown an unhappy babe because he was infested with parasites, something the peroxide takes care of,
    Human colostrum … starting over, might help!


  7. Be careful with honey in young children. Botulism, though rare, can occur and be deadly.


  8. Hi A7x,
    I realize that this is not mentioned in Western medicine and herbology.  There are numerous NZ sites that list this and sheep placenta as products … Google it.


  9. but if everything else upsets his stomach this much, I wouldn’t think that deer blood would help. then again, who knows? 


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