michaelby LauraLoo

3-year-old Michael Gonzalez of Florida has been diagnosed with food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome, and his parents are in a panic.

Michael can’t eat regular food, and requires 20 to 30 bottles of prescription-only formula, Neocate Junior, daily.  But his predicament has gone from worrisome to alarming. Shortly after the formula manufacturer Nutricia changed its packaging in August 2012, Michael suffered from severe gastrointestinal distress.  Convinced that the company also changed the formula, his parents have hoarded containers full of older stock, which will expire this year in October.

While Nutricia insists the formulation and ingredients for their formula have not changed, they have received 14 other similar complaints from parents across the country. They are working with the FDA to investigate. Meanwhile, the Gonzalez family is seeking help for Michael from the Mayo Clinic:


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[HT: ABC7 Chicago]

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