by Hans Johnson

Meet Christopher Duffley, a young man who was born prematurely in 2001 with several physical challenges, including blindness, from Oxycontin and cocaine which were passed into his system before birth. After spending his first six months in the hospital, the State of Florida took custody of Christopher.

At about that time, Christopher’s paternal aunt, Christine Duffley, began the process of seeking custody of Christopher, who had by that time developed double pneumonia. At 14 months, his aunt and uncle took him into their home.

Diagnosed with autism, Christopher did not begin speaking full sentences until first grade. His aunt noticed his love of music and decided to utilize music therapy, during which time it was found he had perfect pitch. At age 7 he began performing and has been in demand for church groups and singing the national anthem ever since:


Watch him perform singer/songwriter Paul Baloche’s well-known worship song “Open the Eyes of my Heart” at age 10, and “Lean On Me” recently at age 11.

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