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Before a hearing last Wednesday held by the Iowa Board of Medicine concerning tele-med abortions, a group of 50 protesters  rallied at the State Capitol. Leading a 5 1/2 minute prayer was Midge Slater (pictured right) of Des Moines, thanking God for abortion rights, abortion doctors, and taxpayer funding for abortions.

Attending with heads bowed were Democrat gubernatorial candidates State Representative Tyler Olson and State Senator Jack Hatch. They thought better of joining in the applause afterward. The prayer went unanswered as the Board voted on Friday to end tele-med abortions.

These are excerpts:

“We pray for women who have been made afraid of their own power by their paternalistic religion.”

“Today we pray that all women will know that they are created in the image of God, good and holy, moral and wise.”

“Today we pray for the families we’ve chosen. May they know the blessing of choice.”

See the whole transcript here.


At RedState, Rick Yuzzi offers his translation of the prayer:

“Thank you, oh Lord, for doctors who are willing to use their medical skills to help kill over a million unborn children each year, most of the time simply for the convenience of the mother.”

“We pray for elected officials that they may always support a women’s right to make our own medical decisions, and we say it that way so people will think Republicans want to take those rights away… conveniently leaving out the fact that we’re talking about killing our unborn children.”

“We pray that poor women will be given money by our government so they can kill their unborn children, too, and we pray that they would have access to birth control. May they know that it’s the government’s responsibility to make sure there are no consequences for their bad choices or their irresponsibility in having children they cannot afford.”

“Today, we pray that we can export these progressive ideals to developing countries, so they too can kill their unborn children.”

“We pray for women who are afraid to break away from backward religions that value human life at any stage. May they learn to be brave so they can kill their unborn children without the thought that it might be wrong in Your eyes for some reason.”

“Today we pray for the families that have already chosen to kill their unborn children. May they know the blessing of having that choice, instead of the regret that so often follows.”

“Today we pray that all women will know that they are made in the image of God… good and holy, moral and wise, but that they are able to ignore the fact that they are choosing to kill an unborn girl or boy who is also created in the image of God.”

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