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In May 2014, we brought you the incredible story of a mother-daughter reunion that took a lifetime to accomplish. In 1928, 16-year-old Minka Disbrow (pictured on the left) had been raped, and only when she began to show did her mother explain to her how babies came about.

Minka gave the baby she named Betty Jane up for adoption, and after marrying and raising a family, did not reveal this to them until she was 94. By this time, her first daughter, renamed Ruth Lee, had raised six children of her own – one an astronaut who had been on four space missions.

Because of medical issues, Ruth was spurred on to seek her biological family history. With the help of her son Brian, she obtained her adoption records, which had a treasure trove of letters that her mother, Minka, had sent over the years inquiring about her. “I was just overwhelmed with looking at all the letters asking about her little girl. And so I tell you, the love that flowed from those letters was like a waterfall of love,” Ruth said.

Cathy LaGrow (pictured above with her mother and grandmother), author of The Waiting says of her grandmother Minka: “It was her faith that allowed her to have that hope through all those years – that Betty Jane was having a good life and had a strong family.”

Here is the video of their first meeting uploaded by Billy Hallowell of TheBlaze:


She said in that meeting “What a glorious day!” And so it was.

Minka passed away June 18 at the age of 102.

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[HT: TheBlaze; photo from Tyndale House]

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