by Hans Johnson

TheGiver-MurderAmong a number of well-received family-friendly movies this year was The Giver, based on a popular novel for young adults. It describes a futuristic world where a seeming utopia masks a Culture of Death where those deemed  a burden on society – whether old or newborn – are done away with.

2014-09-11_1408In a column at Bound4Life, Aaron Welty (pictured left) describes the impact the film had on him. and proceeds to “delve into his own personal story of living with cerebral palsy” and the real possibility of his “not making it into life to begin with.”

Born 10 weeks premature with cp, his doctors wanted to give up the effort to keep him alive. If not for the interference of a family friend who worked at the hospital, he never would have grown up to be a congressional aide and inspirational speaker.

Here Aaron relates his story of a life in which he has certainly given as much as he has received:


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