by Hans Johnson

At a recent NARAL “Stand Up For Abortion Access” rally, there were dueling lines of messages. Pro-choice demonstrators held small signs bearing slogans, while pro-lifers held larger signs showing examples of photographic evidence in the abortion debate.

Created Equal questioned the NARAL supporters as to what they thought of the opposition’s signs. For the most part there were answers of disgust and claims of inauthenticity. It is hard not to be reminded of the classic tv sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes” in which the German Sgt. Schultz looked the other way during the many escapes and shenanigans of the Allied prisoners he was supposed to oversee. His catchprase was: “I see nothing! I know nothing!”

But this is not a comedy. Many people are willfully ignoring thousands of atrocities done each and every day in aborturaries across our country.

One abortion supporter slips up, calling the aborted children depicted in the images what they are – children – before catching herself:


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