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Our own former lead moderator at JillStanek.com, Carla Stream, ministers regularly to those with post-abortion regret. In today’s video, which is an ad in favor of North Dakota’s Measure 1, she discusses how informed consent laws like those in ND could have saved her baby from abortion and spared her a lifetime of regret.

ND’s Measure 1 seeks to keep in place common-sense pro-life laws passed in the state, where even physicians have voiced their support for the measure. Says NDChooseLife.com:

Reflecting our community values of supporting life, North Dakota’s legislature has passed a variety of strong, common-sense pro-life laws. These include ensuring that women are given full disclosure of information prior to an abortion, providing that abortion can only be performed by licensed physicians with hospital admitting privileges to protect women in case of emergencies, making sure parents are notified if their daughter is seeking an abortion, and prohibiting the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure.

In North Dakota and over a dozen other states, out of state interest groups have filed lawsuits seeking to invalidate these common sense pro-life laws and impose an unlimited right to abortion that goes beyond Roe v. Wade. Last year, these outside groups convinced a judge in Fargo to overturn a pro-life law passed by the Legislature. The judge ruled that the state constitution contains a “right” to abortion that jeopardizes every pro-life law in North Dakota.

By passing the Human Life Amendment, we will protect our common-sense pro-life laws and prevent this type of judicial activism from happening in the future.

Watch the ad, featuring Carla, below:


Be sure to watch the full interview with Carla as well, here.

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