10520767_702529033158074_3029186892788947827_nby Hans Johnson

Last month, Created Equal began a fall campaign extending their abortion protest displays beyond college campuses to secondary schools in Ohio. In a tv news interview in front of Gahanna Lincoln High School, Executive Director Mark Harrington said: “This is a generation that’s sexually active, therefore they should see what abortion is like.” He added: “The National Education Association position on abortion is supporting abortion, so therefore students that are under that policy should see what abortion is.”

Two student comments about the visual displays of aborted fetuses ranged from odd to evasive, one saying it was “deceiving teenagers”, and the other seemed more concerned about their invasion of privacy than their deaths – “if” they were true.

In a follow-up report the next night on WBNS in Columbus, a woman said: “My daughter said that it was quite disgusting and that it made her want to cry – that she felt really bad about the baby and things.” It appears to me that is the point. (Watch video here.)

Most recently, a woman driving by a display near Pickerington Central High School on September 30th reacted viscerally to the images of abortion victims. A police officer, while calling the images “disgusting,” defended the group’s First Amendment rights.

WARNING – Profanity:


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