by Kelli

From Boredom Therapy comes the emotional story of a mother who lost her baby boy in the last few days of her term… and what happened when a man discovered her story:

Valarie Watts’ baby Noah was developing well for most of the duration of her pregnancy. Then, in the final few days of her term, something happened. She could feel that he wasn’t moving much and was very worried. After labor, she realized the tragic truth: her son was stillborn.

Even though she was never able to meet her baby boy, Valarie still had his crib and nursery put together….

Valarie didn’t want to sell his crib, but knew she needed to. Gerald Kumpula purchased the crib when he saw it at a garage sale. When Gerald discovered the story behind the crib, he knew what he had to do.


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[HT: Susie Allen]

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