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From Silent No More comes a new campaign that seeks to raise awareness of how abortion affects not only women and children, but fathers, grandparents, siblings, friends, and society in general.

They write more about this campaign on their YouTube page:

When an abortion takes place, many people are impacted. Therefore, healing after abortion also has to be directed at many people. Nobody is wounded in isolation and nobody heals in isolation. The effects of abortion on the baby are clear, and we are becoming more aware of how the mother is wounded by this loss. However, both the pro-life movement and the wider society would benefit from a deeper awareness of the multifaceted wounds experienced by many groups of people within and beyond the family of the aborted child. It is no exaggeration to say that we are all affected and we all need healing. To raise that awareness, and to bring about that healing, is the purpose of this initiative….

We have seen how abortion is viewed as a very sensitive and private area of loss. While it certainly is sensitive, that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. We know that other sensitive issues in our society (sexual abuse, breast cancer, spousal abuse, suicide) have been the subject of greater education of the public, and encouragement to reach out for help. And this has benefited the public.

Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion will provide a year-long campaign featuring:

  • Education, resources and testimonies on the web and in print/radio/social media that will focus each month on a specific group of people that are impacted in a special way by abortion loss.
  • A nationwide call to accountability, repentance and reconciliation
  • A hope-filled invitation to healing.
  • Web pages will have materials relevant to each month’s topic, such as media talking points, press releases, position papers, and preaching aids and bulletin inserts for clergy/ministers.
  • Interviews and testimonies with a message of education and healing will be spread though radio, television and print – all promoted widely in various social media outlets to get the widest exposure possible.


Email dailyvid@jillstanek.com with your video suggestions.

[Graphic via Priests for Life]

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