by Hans Johnson

A 12-year-old South African boy, Martin Pistorius (pictured at right), fell ill with what doctors could only guess to be Cryptococcal meningitus. He just ebbed away into a comatose state.

Then, about two years later, he awakened – able to see but not to move or speak. One day he heard his mother say in sad resignation: “I hope you die” to what she thought was the remaining husk of her son. He fell into a deeper and deeper depression.

But then he began to fight back with anger – perhaps spurred on by his exasperation with that singing purple dinosaur Barney he found himself parked in front of day after day! He recounts his slow journey back to life in the book Ghost Boy – My Escape From A Life Locked Inside My Own Body. He now lives in Britain with his wife Joanna.


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[HT: TheBlaze]

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