by Hans Johnson

As if men needed another reminder of which is the tougher gender, meet Gerri Wolfe from Australia. She was disappointed to learn that she would have to undergo a Caesarean for a fifth time.

My other Caesareans were very sterile, very surgical, very impersonal. People were talking about what they did on the weekend without even thinking about me laying on the table going through this momentous experience of having a baby.

Wolfe remembered reading online about maternal assisted Caesareans, and she convinced her ob-gyn and husband to go along with her plan to use that procedure. “It’s my body, my birth, my baby”, she said.  And so, three days before Christmas a year ago, she delivered Matilda and Violet, her tenth and eleventh children, herself.

Here is (warning: graphic) awesome video of the deliveries:


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[HT: LauraLoo]

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