The-good-wifeby Hans Johnson

Not a season will go by for a legal/crime television drama without an episode or two touching on the life issue. Usually the pro-life side will be personified by a wild-eyed religious bigot, and the pro-choice one by a sensible, pragmatic victim or observer.

But on a recent episode of CBS’s The Good Wife, a subplot featured a relatively calm, intelligent discussion of this most polarizing topic.

Lawyer Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, accompanies her husband on a hunting trip, and relates that she is a Democrat. This prompts a man in the party called R.D., played by Oliver Platt, to bring up abortion.

“The Supreme Court has upheld a woman’s right to choose since 1973″, says Lockhart. When R.D. counters that the same body was responsible for the Dred Scott Decision, the conversation heats up. Video clip from Newsbusters:

While Oliver Platt has aligned himself with fervently pro-choice Hollywood, it is hoped that the common-sense words of his character had an effect on him, as they surely must have on others.

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