by Hans Johnson


Artist Rebecca Roher was already curious about her friend’s pregnancy, so when Guts, a Canadian online feminist magazine, asked her to do a comic strip on that very subject, she interviewed her through back and forth emails. The result was Mom Body, a frank detailing of her friend’s recent experience having a baby. [WARNING: It ends with one totally unnecessary profanity.]

The rest of the special edition in which the strip appears show’s an amusing “arm’s length” anthropological look at pregnancy and motherhood, but the strip itself has several undeniable truisms:

Every single human life is the result of a woman’s incredible transformation and sacrifice.

The desire to have a child is abstract[;] when you’re pregnant, it’s happening.

It’s all a very real experience for the women who go through it, while the men may prefer to remember it as a magical time. They can certainly agree that the result is enchanting:


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[HT: LauraLoo]

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