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New billboard: Hitler brought abortion to Poland

On the heels of the provocative Center for Bio-Ethical Reform may have a chance to display this sign on a huge billboard (74 ft x 32 ft) in the center of a large city in Poland. Click to enlarge… Translation: Abortion for Polish women introduced by Hitler on March 9, 1943 Adding to the interest […]

TV anchor’s baby defies terminal diagnosis

One of many reasons why a mother shouldn’t abort her baby with an adverse prenatal diagnosis is so she won’t be plagued with guilt and doubt the rest of her life when viewing heartwarming stories like the following. Note that abortion was recommended, standard eugenic protocol these days. Click on link to view video… WTAE […]

Nationalized healthcare behind letting 22-week UK preemie die

I Daily Mail story has been updated from yesterday. Its intro now reads…

Note from Thomas’s Mom

I received the following email from Deidrea Laux, Baby Thomas’s Mom,

Dallas News video: “Choosing Thomas – Inside a family’s decision to let their son live, if only for a brief time”

UPDATE, 9:40a: From moderator Chris: There’s another organization that helps celebrate these young lives. testified with me before a congressional subcommittee about her experience there….

All the President’s eugenics advisors

UPDATE, 10:50a: Here are links to the entire Beck segment yesterday. In Clip 2 includes what I discuss in my post and a panel discussion. [HT: Claude] _______________ Glenn Beck ran a

“Disaster plans leave disabled behind”

In the midst of a national debate on healthcare rationing of the elderly, disabled, and informed comes this, posted on Drudge this morning. in the

“My Sister, Alicia May” and Reece’s Rainbow

by intern Heather B. It’s time to make room on the bookshelf for another gem:

Nixon would have aborted Obama

When I watched the new documentary here) I was shocked to learn President Nixon was pro-abortion and pro-population control of blacks. The above still shot comes from that film. Then on June 23 the Nixon Presidential Library released 154 hours of secret audiotapes Nixon made during the most critical point in U.S. history re: abortion, […]

Commemorating Juneteenth, a new film: “MAAFA 21 – Black genocide in 21st century America”

Today is known as Juneteenth, “ Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, [which] commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in… TX [a mostly Confederate state] in 1865. Celebrated on June 19, the term is a portmanteau of June and nineteenth, and is recognized as a state holiday in 31 of the United States,” according […]

The baby blog hoax

In an interesting set of coincidences, the charlatan identified in the story below, Beccah Beushausen, apparently lives in the same Chicago suburb as me, Mokena, IL, established her p.o. box in Oak Lawn, where Christ Hospital is located, and asked that donations be sent to the local pregnancy care center I support, Associated Press, June […]

Rare identical triplets born

In this day of abundant In vitro fertilization, it is rare to hear of naturally conceived triplets, let alone this. From

Glenn Beck to cover Clinton/Sanger today

by Kelli Glenn Beck is set to air his show at 5pm EST today on Fox News, covering the topic of Hillary Clinton and her acceptance of the Margaret Sanger Award. Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood and a strong proponent of eugenics. For more information on Glenn Beck, see NY Daily News.]

Blacks vs. pro-lifers on Obama at Notre Dame?

On April 5, Palm Sunday, the pro-life student group 95% of the black vote. Then I spotted an April 6

Faith Hope

by Bethany Kerr

Obama unscripted: mocks Special Olympics

Barack Obama made history as the 1st president to appear on Jay Leno last night. Wanting to prove he is capable of speaking without a teleprompter, Obama proceeded to prove he is not. Joe Biden’s foot-in-mouth disease must be contagious. As the mom of a child who actually bowled in a special recreation program, I […]

Black church invites White Planned Parenthood

The ignorance of blacks – even black churches – to the eugenic underpinnings of Planned Parenthood could not be any more epitomized than as described in today’s New Light Full Gospel Baptist Church, congregants’ benchmark on most topics is “the Word,” meaning the Bible. But on a recent night, more than 50 New Light adults […]

Families with Down syndrome children to participate in March for Life

UPDATE, 10:45a: Moderator Bethany found the following Daniel Drinker, with Down syndrome, who supported Barack Obama in the primary because he was a “good talker,” was “black,” had a “good wife,” and had a “deep voice.” Sounds like reasons why many Obama supporters voted for him, but I digress. Dan didn’t know Barack Obama supports […]

I can only imagine

I’ve previously blogged on Dick and Rick Hoyt, but at the Foundation for Life of Toledo banquet I spoke at last week organizers played a different tribute to the Hoyts I found touching to the song, “I can only imagine“….

Doctors pressure for eugenic abortions of pre-born babies with Down Syndrome

Last night after a speaking engagement, a mom tried to describe to me the extent to which doctors pressured her to abort her now 8-year-old son with Down syndrome. She said after the diagnosis, every doctor persistently recommended she abort at every visit, even into her 32nd week. They made her feel crazy for not […]

Sunday extra: Trig wishes he’d been aborted



I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days, very touching. By Rich Lowry of

Indian couple cannot abort late-term sick baby after all

I’m not sure what happened, but it’s all good. I this, that the Bombay High Court had agreed to let a couple abort their 26-week old baby with a heart blockage, repairable with a pacemaker (or “peacemaker,” according to the Indian story). The bottom line must have gotten lost in translation, because the

IVF 30 years later

The 1st test tube baby, July 17 issue of Nature takes a look at the next 30 years of IVF: Already, modern societies are entering an era of personalized genetics…. True… no embryo will have the perfect genetic future. But these techniques could allow parents to create a top-5 wish-list of the characteristics they most […]

Team Hoyt

Dick and Rick Hoyt are a father-and-son team from MA who together compete just about continuously in marathon races. And if they’re not in a marathon they are in a triathlon – that daunting, almost superhuman, combination of 26.2 miles of running, 112 miles of bicycling, and 2.4 miles of swimming. Together they have climbed […]

Black pro-life leaders to challenge NAACP at convention

A group of black pro-life leaders will hold a press conference at the NAACP convention at the Hyatt Regency in Cincinnati July 14 to appeal to the NAACP to join in the call to Congress to defund Planned Parenthood for its documented affinity for killing black preborn children….

“The return of patriarchy,” thanks to abortion

From Mark Steyn, who I’ve decided I have a crush on, an excerpt from his column,

An iron will to live

It’s all in the attitude. Every life has merit and is worth living. We mourn the loss of this fighter and express appreciation for her loving family. From the

Vanishing Black History Month

To the consternation of campus liberals, Portland State Students for Life in OR – spearheaded by our own commenter Nathan Sheets – last year displayed the poster above (click to enlarge) to commemorate the African-American community’s aborted dead during Black History Month. The comments stirred by my post yesterday, Centers for Disease Control stat she […]

Down lifting

In response to my Bonnie Burt emailed him an offer: I have recently completed a film about a couple, both born with Down syndrome… [and] would like to offer your university a free screening of…. just posted an excerpt from Strong Love on YouTube. I just watched it a second time and cried a second […]

Down trodding

I’m thrilled this incident created flak and made the news, indicating more sensitivity to the issue of eugenic abortions. From the Albert Harris told his embryology class on Monday he thinks fetuses with Down syndrome should be aborted. He says he’s made the comment many times before. But senior Lara Frame of Charlotte said the […]

Irony of ironies

By: Mary Kay Hastings I found this quote and thought it was rather interesting, considering the posts that we have put up over the last week and a half. Not only have I continued to follow your work with loving admiration and expect ever greater results from your beneficence, I have also known of Nehru’s […]

There is none so blind as he who will not see

Woman thinks Down’s baby contaminated her body

by Bethany Kerr I never am more disgusted than when I read an article like this. Katherine Mobey, 38, explains in great detail her eugenic reasoning behind her decision to kill her first child, who through no fault of his/her own, was imperfect, having Down’s Syndrome, and exomphalos, which can much of the time be […]

“Come into the parlor,” said the spider to the fly

by Mary Kay Hastings Brent Rooney makes the case that since no studies were ever done of abortions on animals, performing them on people is a clear cut case of “human experimentation.” Coincidentally, these “experiments” are being done primarily on black and Hispanic women: “Suction” abortion (VAA, Vacuum Aspiration Abortion) performed on Black American women […]

Cleft palette/club foot = death penalty

by Steven Ertelt From LifeNews.com, February 4: A report from Britain shows that 66 babies were born alive on one year alone after abortions done with public money under the nation’s health care system The British National Health Service says women were given drugs to soften their cervix and had labor induced to birth the […]

Today’s abortion Nazis and their selective breeding

Herald Sun, today: A botched abortion of a fetus instead of its Down syndrome twin has prompted the Vatican to compare abortion to the Nazis’ selective breeding practices….

Natural death: “anti-choice propaganda”

Last week you’ll recall this May 11 letter to the editor revealed….

Solo leg salsa

This amazing video, new up on YouTube, has nothing to do with our topic either, except to celebrate physical diversity. [Hat tip: Andrew]

99 balloons

Eliot Hartman Mooney July 20, 2006 – October 27, 2006 “God gives. God takes. God’s name be ever blessed.” ~ Job 1:21 Matt and Ginny Mooney’s blog is Dawn Patrol via Br. Francis]

Down’s and out

Aborting babies with Down syndrome is a topic close to me, since, as most of you know, holding one such live aborted baby propelled me into the pro-live movement eight years ago. The Intentional Disciples did a great job of dissecting the article….

Run didn’t run to abortion

The third season of MTV’s reality show omphalocele, which causes abdominal organs to grow outside the body. The Simmons opted not to abort….

If only she had aborted

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