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Goldberg: Liberals are the ones forcing beliefs on society

rosaryby Kelli

The right to own a gun is a far more settled issue constitutionally, politically and legally in this country, but not even the National Rifle Association would dream to argue that we have a right to free guns, provided by our employers. If your boss were required to give you a gun, your new employer-provided Glock still wouldn’t be free because non-cash compensation is still compensation. The costs to the employer are fungible, which means whether it’s a pistol or a pill, the cost is still coming out of your paycheck — and your coworkers’ paychecks….

Abortion cases in court helped tilt Democrats against the filibuster

dedc6a3c1a52427a2cf3dcbcb25d2368Within hours of each other, two federal appeals courts handed down separate decisions that affirmed sharp new limits on abortion and birth control. One on Oct. 31 forced abortion clinics across Texas to close. The other, on Nov. 1, compared contraception to “a grave moral wrong” and sided with businesses that refused to provide it in health care coverage.

Pro-abortion political groups spend big in September

Click to enlarge…


Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood were numbers six and eight on the list of top ten spenders in September. Combined, the two single issue groups spent just under $4 million to help candidates that support abortion rights policies….

Comparing pro-life gains with GOP government shutdown strategy

Consider the gains the pro-life movement has made over the years within the Republican Party, state legislation, the courts, and public opinion. There is no cause I believe more worthy in all the world. Yet where would pro-lifers be today had they instead simply and inflexibly demanded a government shutdown unless and until abortion was […]

Satire: GOP to Obama – ban abortions and we’ll fund government

Republicans in the House of Representatives have offered to start funding the federal government again if President Obama orders an immediate ban on all abortions. In a lengthy press conference this morning, House Speaker John Boehner hailed the idea as a compromise solution to the ongoing crisis and blasted Democrats for refusing to consider the […]

Obama, Dems shut down Amber Alert website; restore under pressure

Above was the headline on Drudge until a few moments ago. Below was the message one got when trying to access amberalert.gov until a couple hours ago: The latest, from The Guardian: The Amber Alert child abduction notification system remained fully functional during the government shutdown, the Department of Justice insisted on Monday, despite its website being taken […]

GOP’s pro-life weapon is liberals’ biggest target for 2016

Liberals are smart. They target our greatest weapons. But too many Republicans see our greatest weapons as our greatest weaknesses. Our pro-life stance is one of our greatest weapons, but the moderates in our party discourage us from knowing how to effectively use our great artillery. The moderates say we need to stay away from […]

Davis’s sneakers got 3x the coverage as Gosnell’s severed baby feet

Jivin J pointed to a New York Times article that fawned over “overnight sensation” Wendy Davis, a Democrat Texas state senator who is a big fan of late-term abortions.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg, according to Culture and Media Institute:

Pelosi: Republicans need lesson on birds and bees

What is at risk is the discretion of a woman to make judgments about the size and time, timing of her family…. The reality is that people in our country do practice birth control and use contraception. I don’t know if my colleagues need a lesson on the birds and the bees. I really don’t […]

Congressional Budget Office: late-term abortions save money

[A]ccording to CBO [Congressional Budget Office], to the degree that government runs and pays for the health-care system — as it does through Medicaid — aborting late-term babies is a cost-saving measure for government. Letting late-term babies live, according to this reasoning, is an increased cost for government. The CBO did not estimate how much […]

Powers: Maybe the real bullies are women like Wendy Davis

One can assume I am also not the only woman in America who is really tiring of the Wendys of the world claiming to represent “women’s rights” in their quest to mainstream a medical procedure — elective late-term abortion — that most of the civilized world finds barbaric and abhorrent. In many European countries, you […]

Goldberg: Only “women’s health” issue libs care about is abortion

Why sneaker company Mizuno isn’t milking Wendy Davis publicity

imageWhile obviously less important than her actions, it was hard not to notice the pink sneakers Texas State Senator Wendy Davis wore (with her Erdem dress) during her 11-hour filibuster on Monday….

A rep from Mizuno tells WWD that, unsurprisingly, traffic to brand’s website nearly doubled, with most visitors searching for Davis’s style….

Perry: Davis “hasn’t learned from her own example”

Who are we to say that children born in the worst of circumstances can’t grow to live successful lives? In fact, even the woman who filibustered the Senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances. She was the daughter of a single woman, she was a teenage mother herself. She managed to eventually graduate […]

From “safe, legal and rare” to an abortion free-for-all

Whatever happened to keeping abortion “safe, legal, and rare”? Those goals just don’t fit the needs of the abortion industry anymore. Last night the abortion crowd, or perhaps I should say “mob”… managed to filibuster a [Texas] bill which would help regulate abortions…. Why did a senator oppose the bill with hours of filibustering? Why […]

Pelosi “laughs off” priest’s open letter against her abortion views

My faith is very deep and has been my whole life. I love my faith and my faith has nothing to do with whoever he [Father Frank Pavone] is. The arrogance of it all! It’s like something ancient, medieval…. The Church taught me as I was growing up that every person has a free will […]

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats need amnesty because of abortion

We have 52 million fewer people paying taxes. We gotta replace ‘em. Hello amnesty. The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass in order to keep themselves alive as Santa Claus, to keep winning elections and stay in power. But Washington overall, much as they hate people, much as they hate their base, much as they […]

Pelosi: Committing late-term abortions is “sacred ground”

As the mother of five children (my oldest child was 6 years old the day I brought my 5th child home from the hospital), as a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this. I don’t think it should have anything to do with politics. ~ House minority […]

Liberals fear changing filibuster rules would hurt abortion “rights”


As Democrats consider whether to use the so-called nuclear option to rewrite the Senate’s filibuster rules, one issue in particular has some liberals worried: abortion.

Changing the rules to make it easier to confirm President Barack Obama’s executive branch or judicial appointments may help the White House in the short term…. But privately, that base and abortion rights supporters are concerned how a future GOP president and Senate could take advantage of the new setup.

Congresswoman with 100% NARAL rating joins Nuns on the Bus tour

Joining the BusNuns this time is ol’ Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) who has a perfect pro-abortion record. She is rated 100% by NARAL. What a distinction! These Nuns keep some odd company, don’t they? ~ Father John Zuhlsdorf, noticing the Nuns on the Bus Tour sponsored by NETWORK Catholic Social Justice Lobby, which had as […]

Does Carhart have a friend on the inside?

a470b078-5ece-4f99-8bca-4830b5722440On February 7, 29-yr-old Jennifer Morbelli, pictured right, died at a Maryland hospital the morning after LeRoy Carhart completed the abortion of her 33-wk-old baby in the Germantown, Maryland, mill at which he worked.

Ironically, the day before Morbelli died the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued licenses to all 17 abortion clinics in the state without ever having inspected them, even though abortion clinic regulations had been enacted in November 2012.

Rubio: Libs preach climate change but ignore science of conception

Just because [you] believe that life… all human life is worthy of protection at every stage in its development does not make you a chauvinist. In fact, the people who are actually closed-minded in American politics are the people that love to preach about the certainty of science in regards to our climate, but ignore […]

Dems “want to destroy” Republicans because of pro-life positions

Democrats formed the KKK and assassinated Republicans because they hated them so much and they’ve been trying to destroy the Republican Party ever since. Why? Because the Republican Party stood against people forcing someone else to be their subject. Democrats want to destroy the Republican Party because of their pro-life stand. Why? Because the Republican […]

Huckabee “shocked” at Democrats’ elevation of abortion

I’ve never been so shocked in my life… to see speaker after speaker go to the podium in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention and all but give a rallying cry (that) the single most important thing to them in all of America was not a stable economy, was not a secure border, it was […]

GOP challenged for funding Komen while trying to defund Planned Parenthood

[L]ast February… the national Susan G. Komen Foundation initially announced it would stop funding Planned Parenthood, but then reinstated that funding within a few days…. We understand that your silent auction donations are intended for the Nebraska affiliate of Susan G. Komen which may not have any funding going to Planned Parenthood, but the fact […]

Disgruntled ex-congressman loses court case against pro-life group

It was this 2010 billboard ad by the Susan B. Anthony List against then-Congressman Steve Driehaus that started it (click to enlarge)…


Driehaus was a supposedly pro-life Democrat who voted for Obamacare.

Driehaus went on to lose his race to pro-life Republican Steve Chabot, only to turn around and file a complaint with the Ohio Election Commission, accusing SBA list of fraudulent advertising that resulted in his defeat. This despite the fact Obamacare indeed funds abortions.

Driehaus dropped that complaint only to file a federal complaint of defamation.

CO Supreme Court upholds ban against use of graphic abortion photos at a church

Exhibit #43   Baby RoseUPDATE 7p: I’ve added a poll, at the bottom of the post.

5:35p: I read with alarm a story at CNS News today that the Colorado Supreme Court is allowing an injunction to stand that prohibits pro-lifers from publicly displaying graphic images of aborted babies at a Denver church.

The Court’s reasoning demonstrated the height of judicial hypocrisy. It ruled signs such as Exhibits 43 and 9, right, “cause ‘psychological harm’ to children under 12,” according to CBN.

This from the same legal system that authorized the murders of the photographed children.

This obvious free speech violation is serious in and of itself, but the injunction also carries ramifications for other pro-life activists around the country.

Pro-2Aers to join pro-lifers as source of embarrassment to GOP?

So the NRA, members of the NRA – you see, you gun owners, I have to tell you, you are seen in exactly the same light as pro-lifers are seen, a bunch of pickup-truck-driving hayseed hicks who get to church on Saturday night to get a close parking space for services on Sunday. And you […]

Coulter on liberal hypocrisy: Why can’t we publish names of women who’ve had abortions?

Why aren’t we getting the names of recently paroled criminals? People with gun permits by definition do not have criminal records. Why can’t we get the criminal records? No, you can’t get that. Why can’t we get a record of women who’ve had abortions? They get money from Planned Parenthood. They get money from Medicare, […]

Warning to Republicans: First female president cannot be Democrat

The War On Women propaganda is already in effect and the culture is being wired to believe that Republicans are at war with women. Hillary Clinton is going to be the victim and Republicans are going to be made out to be the big bully. You ready to deal with that, Republicans? To a liberal, […]

Obama: “Can we honestly say we’re doing enough to keep our children, all of them, safe from harm?”

I have been praying that the tragic Newtown, Connecticut, massacre will soften President Obama’s heart on the sanctity of preborn children, who are just as valuable as postborn children.

As I wrote in my weekend question, there are many reasons for the obvious breakdown of our culture, but one of them has to be abortion. When our society as a whole is groomed to condone the murder of preborn children, it is no stretch to say the value of postborn children decreases as well. It is only common sense.

If President Obama gave his speech at the Newton memorial service yesterday without one thought of abortion, he is morally depraved beyond comprehension. Excerpts:

Abortion support rising? If so, thank the GOP for aiding and abetting

Rasmussen released a new poll on November 14 indicating that 54% of likely voters now consider themselves pro-choice, while only 38% say they are pro-life.

In the aftermath of the election I told friends to expect a bump in abortion support.

I’m not saying I believe the pendulum has swung the other way by 15 points since the May Gallup poll.

But of course the dial has moved, given the fact Obama and Democrats made such a huge pitch for abortion, and given the fact they embedded themselves, pardon the pun, as the champions of free contraception.

“I cried on Obama’s shoulder and he looked off in the distance”

We pro-lifers often say a politician who doesn’t seek to protect human life at its earliest stages cannot be trusted to care about and protect life at later stages.

Last night CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Pat Smith, mother of slain State Dept. official Sean Smith, who was killed in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 along with Ambassador Chris Stevens and two others during a terrorist attack.

Abortion ship to enter Muslim waters

10/3, 4:30p: Women on Waves has announced it will arrive in Smir, Morocco, on October 4 at 1a.

10/2, 11:14a: Because there is not enough social unrest in the Middle East, I agree it is the perfect time for the so-called “abortion ship” to stir the waters even more.

WashPo confirms but can’t “fathom” Obama’s Born Alive votes

Ohden said that Obama “voted to deny basic Constitutional protections for babies born alive from an abortion.” This is true in the sense that the Illinois bills would have guaranteed certain protections for these infants. But Ohden’s claim lacks context: Obama’s objections to the bill suggest that he wasn’t so much bent on denying rights […]

Pro-life candidate draws death threats over graphic ads

Pro-life activist Gary Boisclair is creating quite a stir in his primary bid against Muslim Democrat incumbent Congressman Keith Ellison in Minnesota’s 5th District, up to and including death threats.

Boisclair freely admits he is running against Ellison solely to take advantage of federal law that forces television stations to air federal candidates’ ads uncensored.

Boisclair is airing three graphic ads, one on Ellison’s support of abortion, one on the underbelly of Ellison’s religion, and one on a combination of the two issues….

Democrat platform committee warned: Soften abortion stance or lose

There were lots of interesting tidbits in Melinda Henneberger’s August 7 Washington Post piece, “Democratic abortion foes push for change in platform.”

For starters:

Democratic dissenters on the issue of abortion have made their case to the platform committee, arguing that the party should change its language enough to allow for some diversity of opinion on the matter and return to the “big tent” approach of the Clinton years.

[Democrats for Life president] Janet Robert, who founded Minnesota’s progressive talk radio station AM 950… was given seven minutes… to argue that the party simply cannot win back Congress without Democrats who differ from the ’08 platform on this one issue. She cited a slew of stats, including a Gallup poll from last year in which 44% of Democrats said abortion should only be legal “in a few circumstances.”

But with NARAL president Nancy Keenan on the platform committee, it ain’t gonna happen. Plus, the abortion lobby has more power than ever with ally Barack Obama at the helm.

Campbell Brown in NYT: “Planned Parenthood’s self-destructive behavior”

Former NBC and CNN news anchor Campbell Brown penned a New York Times op ed over the weekend entitled, “Planned Parenthood’s self-destructive behavior.”

With such a favorable title, pro-lifers might be tempted to glam on to Brown as one of us. Not so fast.

Before lodging her complaint against Planned Parenthood, Campbell first gave it kudos. She promoted the United States’ largest abortion provider as really not being about that, stating, “Most of Planned Parenthood’s work focuses on health care for low-income women, things like screenings for breast cancer and diabetes, and family planning.”

To back up that claim Campbell parroted Planned Parenthood’s line that “abortions represent only 3 percent of its work,” when in actuality about 10% of Planned Parenthood clients get abortions, according to FactCheck.org, and 38.4% of its clinic income comes from abortion, according to Live Action.

Campbell also acknowledged in her piece she is pro-abortion.

So what was her gist? That Planned Parenthood has morphed into an arm of the Democrat Party, to its detriment:

John Edwards steps up

This afternoon a jury found former Democrat U.S. senator and presidential candidate John Edwards not guilty on one count of campaign finance fraud and deadlocked on five other counts, forcing the judge to declare a mistrial.

Edwards was accused of illegally using campaign donations to cover up an affair and illegitimate baby.

What gave the case against Edwards legs was that baby, Quinn.

PRENDA fails

UPDATE 7:25p: A breakdown of the votes:

  • Voting yes: 226 Republicans and 20 Democrats (Altmire, Barrow, Boren, Cooper, Costello, Critz, Cuellar, Donnelly, Garamendi, Holden, Kissell, Lipinksi, Lynch, Matheson, McIntyre, Peterson, Rahall, Reyes, Ross of AR, and Shuler)
  • Voting no: 161 Democrats and 7 Republicans (Amash, Bass of NH, Bono Mack, Dold, Hanna, Hayworth, and Paul)
  • Absent: 8 Republicans (Burton, Fortenberry, Guinta, Lewis of CA, Mack, McCarthy of CA, Roby, and Young of FL) and 9 Democrats (Chandler, Doyle, Ellison, Heinrich, Napolitano, Pascrell, Rangel, Slaughter and Velazquez

2:37p: The heartbreaking, infuriating bottom line: The Prenatal Discrimination Act has failed. Vote tally:

Pro-choice pol: Anti-sex-selection abortion bill doesn’t provide “resources for… babies”

Michigan Rep. John Conyers [pictured], the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, said the bill “tramples (on) the rights of women under the guise of nondiscrimination, while doing absolutely nothing to provide women with needed resources for their babies, female and male.” Citing opposition to the bill from groups such as the American Congress […]

Media ignores Obama’s failing focus on liberal social issues (like the new campaign video featuring Planned Parenthood CEO)

Here’s how it is for socially conservative Republican politicians.

If they broach the topic of abortion, liberals howl, “It’s the economy, stupid!” and proclaim them obsessed with divisive social issues.

And if they focus on fiscal issues, the media asks them questions about social issues and proclaim them obsessed anyway.

Now we have Barack Obama sinking in the polls only after making gay marriage, free contraception, and “choice” the centerpieces of his campaign, and the media doesn’t notice. It cannot be that a Democrat could possibly suffer politically by focusing on social issues. This narrative is reserved solely for Republicans.

Unprecedented: Five Kansas Supreme Court justices recuse themselves in Kline case

Read my previous post here.

Only four days after former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline filed a blistering motion asking that two Kansas Supreme Court justices recuse themselves from deciding whether to suspend his law license, the Supremes announced yesterday that FIVE of the seven would be doing so.

Their rationale, according to the The Topeka Capital-Journal:

Pro-life activist disrupts Sebelius’s Georgetown University speech

UPDATE 5/19, 8:10p: LifeSiteNews.com is reporting that former Georgetown University alum and writer of the book, The Exorcist, is filing a canonical suit against the school.

5/18, 12:30p: LifeNews.com is reporting that the pro-life activist who interrupted pro-abortion Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s speech today at Georgetown University was with Randall Terry

Breaking: NARAL loves Obama

Yes, that’s breaking news, at least in NARAL’s opinion. An abortion PAC is backing the most pro-abortion president in history for reelection, shock!

NARAL’s video announcement was repugnant. It starts with with Obama asking, “Will our daughters grow up with the same opportunities as our sons? Will our daughters have the same rights?”

Inside Congressional caucus briefing on how to block pro-life gains in black community

On May 10 the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus were honorary co-hosts of a wordy briefing entitled, “African Americans’ Attitudes on Abortion, Contraception, and Reproductive, Justice: From Public Opinion to Policymaking,” held at the U.S. Capitol.

On the agenda:

Obama carries on Marxist tradition with abortion policies

[W]hile conservatives tend to focus on matters of economics and excessive government growth and intervention, they’re missing crucial aspects of Obama’s social policy, vision, and rhetoric which, in fact, are arguably even closer to the Marxist/communist tradition….

The Bolsheviks advocated abortion. It was one of the first things they legalized. By the early 1920s, Bolshevik Russia had the most liberal abortion policies in the world. And what happened? Just like divorce, abortion exploded. In fact, the proliferation in abortions was so bad that it shocked even Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger during a trip to Russia in 1934. By the 1970s, when America was just getting around to legalizing abortion, the Soviet Union was averaging over 7 million abortions per year — dwarfing the very worst rates in America post-Roe v. Wade. The direct effect of this on the Russian population has been staggering.

Gay marriage, abortion, and President Obama

Obama is like President Herod… as in King Herod. He trades blood for votes. He allows children to be killed so he can climb atop their broken bodies and glorify himself. He does the same here with marriage. He climbs atop the institution of marriage so he can advance an agenda of evil with regard […]

DOJ drops Obama-ordered appeal against pro-life activist, will pay $120,00 legal expenses

I wrote last week that while President Obama’s Department of Justice decided not to appeal a court decision rejecting its Freedom of Access to Clinics Act lawsuit against Colorado pro-life activist Kenneth Scott, it was doubling down and appealing another adverse court decision in its case against Mary Susan Pine (pictured right) in Florida.

Well, good news comes today from Pine’s legal representation, Liberty Counsel, with very interesting tidbits, underlined:

Jimmy Carter: Jesus Christ would not approve of abortions

I never have believed that Jesus Christ would approve of abortions and that was one of the problems I had when I was president, having to uphold Roe v. Wade. And I did everything I could to minimize the need for abortions. I made it easy to adopt children, for instance, that were unwanted and […]


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Reversal KitThere is no science to support this. ACOG [American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists] does not support advising women on treatments that are not evidence-based.

These women would be unknowing and unwilling guinea pigs.

~ gynecologist Ilana Addis concerned about the recent pro-life bill passed in Arizona “that would require doctors who perform such abortions to tell their patients that if they reconsidered their abortion after taking their first pill, they should return to the doctor for a procedure that can allegedly “reverse” the abortion”, The Atlantic, March 27

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