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Down to the wire: Pro-life help needed to block taxpayer funding of human embryo research

Pro-taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research supporter Sen. Tom Harkin held a stacked (only 1 opponent allowed) pro-escr hearing today and said this, according to Bloomberg: Congress will intervene if a U.S. court rules that federal funding for research using human embryonic stem cells is illegal, Senator Tom Harkin said…. Harkin, an Iowa Democrat and […]

Breaking: Appeals court suspends embryonic stem cell research ban during Obama’s appeal

UPDATE, 1:43p: Statement by our side’s attorneys: We are not surprised that the court granted the government a short administrative stay.  The Order itself makes clear that: “The purpose of this administrative stay is to give the court sufficient opportunity to consider the merits of the emergency motion for stay and should not be construed […]

Judge to Obama administration: Yes, I meant it, stop tax-paid embryo research

Loved this headline, as if judges are supposed to rule on the basis of liking or disliking cases at hand… Yesterday Chief Judge Royce Lamberth of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia denied the Obama administration’s emergency request to lift his August 23 temporary injunction against federal funding of embryonic stem cell […]

Follow-up: Teratoma, schmeratoma; and I’m less worthy than an embryo?

This is in follow-up to my September 4 post, “Holiday Weekend question I: Is embryo testing equatable to animal testing?” I informed Magda that I had posted his/her email and that s/he might find comments helpful. Here was Magda’s response: I’ll let you address Magda’s 2nd paragraph, but I’ll handle the 1st. Magda was complaining […]

Blusterer’s last stand: DeGette pushing poll-negative embryo research spending bill

Ignoring the current political reality for wishful thinking of bygone days, Politico’s Richard Cohen wrote a nice bluff piece today for Democrat anti-life CO Rep. Diana DeGette, strongly pushing a bill to force taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research. Such legislation would render mute the August 23 federal court ruling that federally funded escr […]

Is NIH violating the court injunction to stop funding embryonic stem cell research?

UPDATE, 1:50p: Just read an unbelievable line in a puff piece on Collins in the September 6 issue of The New Yorker. I mean, seriously, how stupid do these people think we are? Obama’s appointment of Collins seemed an inspired choice. The President had found not only a man who reflected his own view of […]

Rassmussen reports stunning reversal: 57% of voters oppose taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research

I was on a conference call Wednesday re: a federal judge’s decision earlier in the week that the Obama administration broke the law by authorizing federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Someone on the call mentioned Democrats are excited to make escr a rallying cry for autumn, thinking finally they have an election issue […]

Federal judge blocks Obama’s shady order funding embryonic stem cell research

Update, 4:20p: How long will this injunction hold? Answer from DC source: The Court Order states the Federal government is “enjoined from implementing, applying, or taking any action whatsoever pursuant to the National Institutes of Health Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research, 74 Fed. Reg. 32,170 (July 7, 2009), or otherwise funding research involving human […]

Dick Van Dyke to promote adult stem cell research

On July 28 the Cell Therapy Foundation announced the good news that Emmy-award winning actor Dick Van Dyke has agreed to be its first-ever spokesperson.

“Rock star” embryonic researcher protests his photo in pro-life display at UCI

The Genocide Awareness Project at the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center. According to

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chelsea-hillary-clinton-594by Kelli

On the one hand, the armchair thinking goes, having a grandchild may make the Iowa State Fair a less appealing place to spend the summer of 2015. Why beg donors for money at dozens of events a month when there’s a happy baby to spend time with in New York?

On the other hand, a grandchild could also heighten the pull of history for [Hillary] Clinton – the sense that she owes it to the daughters of future generations to walk the rest of the path toward becoming the most powerful woman in history….

Besides, in the vernacular of cable television, becoming a grandmother can only “humanize” Clinton, who has long been critiqued for her aloof demeanor and rigid personal discipline.

The Republican strategist Michael Goldfarb suggested the timing of the pregnancy was fortuitous for that reason, tweeting: “Just in time for HRC to have a baby on stage with her when she announces she’s running, right?”

The timing would seem to work out that way.

On Chelsea Clinton’s Facebook page, throngs of admirers noted the same hypothetical timeline. “I am sure your Mom will love having a grandchild running around the White House with her!” one wrote. Another imagined: “The first grandchild to be raised in the White house! Hillary giving the baby a bottle while giving a press conference. How wonderful!”

Still another posted a photo of an infant in a “Ready for Hillary” shirt.

~ Alexander Burns, noting some thoughts and reactions to Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy announcement, Politico, April 17

[HT: Jill; photo via news.instyle.com]

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