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McCain plays politics with embryos and us

Surprise. John McCain parsed words and made contradictory statements to reiterate support for human embryo experimentation last week, according to the

Cloning dinner

On January 15, the FDA announced it considered cloned meat and milk safe for human consumption. It also announced it would not require food labels specifying products were cloned or from cloned animals. Pretty much everyone is squeamish about this, particularly liberal vegetarian types. Many, if not most liberals, however, consider cloning humans for research […]

Across the pond: Showing compassion for embryos

This December 30

Morals are timeless

This cartoon is political satire but gives credit where it’s due, so I’ll laugh. And the credit goes to President Bush (in the scrubs) for withholding federal funding of human embryo experimentation based on ethical considerations. Meanwhile, 2 research groups New York Times wrote today that 1 of those researchers, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, was motivated […]

Dallas saves himself

This is truly an amazing story, of little Dallas Hextell. Doctors used Dallas’ own cord blood stem cells to treat his Cerebral Palsy with miraculous results. Click on image to link to video of news story:

The thrill (of the wedge) is gone

Last week came news of a huge stem cell breakthrough. How big? According to Associated Press….

New Jersey voters reject embryonic stem cell research funding

Voters for the first time have rejected a referendum to fund human embryonic stem cell research, in New Jersey of all places, a liberal bastion. This came despite the best attempts by liberals and MSM to hide the paramount reason for the controversy, that it was about EMBRYONIC stem cell research, still on full display […]

Adult stem cell research’s silver-haired bullet?

The fog suddenly lifts when it’s one’s own life in question. A Tuscaloosa News

Cures without cloning confusion

Kaiser funny

Today’s was the funniest ever….

Save yourcells

Innovative way to care for aged parents

Got leftover embryos in cold storage? Now you can use them to keep you out of cold storage. According to StemLifeLine, a California-based biotechnology company, is now offering a controversial but potentially life-saving fourth option. StemLifeLine allows families to “develop” remaining embryos into “personalized stem cell lines,” the first theoretical step in creating cures for […]

Lawsuit moves MI Gov. Granholm to remove embryonic stem cell petition from website

The Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor is suing MI Democrat Gov. Jennifer Granholm for discrimination: Granholm, who wants to lift Michigan’s restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, has a link on her state [taxpayer funded] Web site that encourages citizens to sign a petition asking the state Legislature to pass bills that would […]

Clone no MO?

Who can forget that shaky Michael J. Fox ad encouraging Missourians to vote to fund human embryo experimentation last November? One of the and lost – over the misleading ballot language. MSM didn’t help, of course, calling the valid argument – which anyone, even a reporter, could confirm by looking in a dictionary – a […]

What was that about Alzheimer’s and embryonic stem cells?

Advocates of human embryo destruction experimentation almost always list Alzheimer’s as a disease they hope it will cure. This is a myth, a lie. As the Washington Post this….

It’s umbilical stem cells, stupid

OrdinaryGal at Daily Kos has U.S. baby will have to go to China to participate in an umbilical cord stem cell study that may restore his vision. OG says she has “been reading up” on stem cell research. Well, she needs to read a little more, first learning the most basic fact: There are different […]

Congress recycles embryo destruction bill

What with wars, rumors of wars, the Social Security crisis, and border security, to name just a few issues our elected officials should be pondering, how instead are they spending their time? By recycling a bill President Bush has already promised to veto which would federally fund embryo experimentation. Today the House passed S. 5, […]

Clone and kill bill IV: Epilogue, defeat


Clone and kill bill III: What about a woman’s choice?

An excerpt from National Right to Life’s letter against to congresspersons opposing DeGette’s clone and kill bill, issued just a few minutes ago: Curiously, Congresswoman DeGette is a cosponsor of another bill, H.R. 1964, the so-called ‘Freedom of Choice Act,’ which among other things, says that the government “may not deny or interfere with a […]

Clone and kill bill II: President to veto

Re: Congresswoman Diana DeGette’s

Clone and kill bill I

Thanks to all who answered my question yesterday: What do you think cloning is? I asked for simple and technical definitions. Cameron, our resident doctorate biology major, answered: “Asexual propagation. Recent attempts at animal cloning have been described as identical twins born years apart.” SH answered: “‘[Y]ou are genetically copying a life form, so the […]

You again

Before I get to the point of my next post, I’d like to ask a simple question: What do you think cloning is? Give me either your simple understanding of it or a technical definition.

Are there ANY lines they are not willing to cross?

By Bethany Kerr: From Commentary Magazine: Yuval Levin – 3.2.2007 – 11:44AM (copied in full) The stem-cell debate raging in the U.S. these last six years has hinged on a question of life and death – that is, whether destroying a human embryo should be permissible. But it is only the tip of the iceberg […]

Latest on CA embryonic stem cell debacle

In 2004 California voters passed Proposition 71, legislation to give human embryo and cloning researchers $3 billion over 30 years. The CA attorney general Yesterday, negotiations via legislation were launched to fix all that. Not surprisingly, the biotech industry

Little Bo Sheep


75 brand new adult stem cell advances

“For too long, the stem cell debate has been distorted by those who advocate exclusively for research in which human embryos are destroyed. They insist that any attempt to find ways to advance stem-cell science without harming nascent life – and, thereby, to serve both science and ethics at once – is misguided.” ~ Georgia […]

Example of MSM stem cell bias; Catholics duped?

New Jersey’s

Obama and conception

Where was Barack Obama when we needed him? While legislatures around the country have been debating when human life begins and the morality of experimenting on human embryos, who knew liberal luminary Obama would provide the answer Sunday in Selma?  From Obama’s speech: We have too many children in poverty in this country, and everybody […]

Chicago Tribune: “The incredible, sellable egg”

Sunday’s Chicago Tribune included a front page, above- and below-the-fold Google that term.)  The rationale for escr so often given is to put human embryos to good use who would otherwise be discarded by IVF clinics.  Truth be told, NPR, BioEd, for examples.) Because of this, I found it remarkable that the lengthy Tribune article […]

Embryo terminology

Penny Pullen, author of the weekly

Human eggs for sale

As liberal legislators across the country promote taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell/cloning experimentation, a main argument is there are leftover embryos in in vitro fertilization clinics they can see put to good use that would otherwise be discarded. We have always maintained the number of embryos available for experimentation is minute, and women will soon […]

George: Keep the main embryo the main embryo

Princeton University professor Robert George gave great talking points about embryonic stem cell experimentation during a lecture last week at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, according to Towers Online, Feb. 15, the most important being: “The fact that… embryonic stem cells probably will not prove to be the therapeutic miracle that they have been hyped to […]

Why note age of embryonic stem cells?

Two of many good points Sarah Flashing, at the blog Flashpoint, made in her critique of a C-Span-covered interview of Gail Pressburg, co-author of The Promise & Politics of Stem Cell Research, were these: “Five-day old cells.” Gail, are you afraid to use the word embryo? After all, the name of the research establishes that […]

Embryonic stem cells = hair follicles

The Michael J. Fox/embryonic stem cell-cloning flak has apparently renewed interest in a column I wrote two years ago entitled, “Michael J. Fox is a cannibal.” One person even advised I remove it post haste before Fox sued me for defamation. It’s a little late for that. On page two is a fun exchange I […]

Michael J. Fox hasn’t read Missouri’s Amendment Two?

From Michael J. Fox’s interview yesterday with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week: Stephanopoulos: In the ad now running in Missouri, Jim Caviezel speaks in Aramaic. It means, "You betray me with a kiss." And his position, his point, is that actually even though down in Missouri they say the initiative is against cloning, it’s […]

Jesse Jackson on embryonic stem cells

With all these famous people entering into the embryonic stem cell debate, I thought it only fitting that Jesse Jackson insert himself into the melee. Here is a quote from an essay he wrote several years ago: Anything growing is living. Therefore human life begins when the sperm and egg join and drop into the […]

MJFox: Explain what would be “criminalized”

Michael J. Fox states in his McKaskill for Missouri ad, “Senator Talent even wanted to criminalize the science that gives us a chance for hope.” MSM should ask Fox to explain what that science is, but it won’t and he won’t. For the record, it’s human cloning.

Reponse to MJ Fox misinformation ad

The following ad is planned to play tonight during the World Series, although there are last minute details still being worked out. It features Jim Caviezel of "The Passion of Christ;" Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan, Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner, and Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond." And no, Caviezel is not saying, "This is […]

No fetus farms in IL and NJ

On July 19, President Bush signed the “Fetus Farming Prohibition Act of 2006,” a law that prohibits growing human embryos in animals or humans for research. Did you think fetus farming was a figment of someone’s imagination? A right-wing scare tactic, perhaps? No. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s 2005 embryonic stem cell research executive order included […]

Outting the IL GA’s uberliberals: This year’s test bill

Last year, there were two test bills that outted the IL General Assembly’s social uberliberals: the gay special rights bill, which attracted them like pheromones, and the Born Alive bill, which repelled them like, well, dead babies. This year’s test bill is HB4156, the ban on taxpayer funded human cloning. I spent yesterday in Springfield […]

Morally challenged cloning research

The headline was buried in the Jan. 21 NewScience article reporting another potential scandal in the cloning world. This one involved claims made in 2003 by researcher Hui-Zhen Sheng of China, who reported he had successfully harvested embryonic stem cells from rabbit-human embryos. Scientists now wary after being duped by fallen clone king Hwang Woo-Suk […]

Bugs Bunny alive!

The headline was buried in this NewScience.com article today reporting skepticism on London cloning researcher Chris Shaw’s recent claims of success of finding a way around the shortage of human eggs needed for experimentation. While Shaw’s boasts were called into question, his research wasn’t, which was to “derive stem cells from embryos cloned using rabbit […]

Stem cell riddle of the day

Question: Which type of stem cells do you think is being reported in this January 3 Australian Broadcasting Corporation story? “These stem cells have the ability to… change as they grow into many different kinds of cells. Already researchers have been able to turn them into cartilage, bone and fat. Now they believe they can […]

CA’s stem cell initiative grows more mired in the muck

Not only pro-life and pro-fiscally responsible government groups are raising red flags about CA’s $3 billion ($6 billion with interest) stem cell initiative. Read Capitol Weekly News’ September 15 piece, “Stem cell research: cutting-edge science or corporate subsidies, courtesy of voters?” (reprinted on page 2). Also read a very strong editorial in the September 18 […]

Report from UK: Embryonic mutant ninja stem cells

From today’s News@nature.com: Embryonic stem cells that are cultured in the lab accumulate an alarming array of genetic changes, including mutations known to be linked to cancer. The finding throws into question whether such cells could eventually be used for therapy, unless they can be kept fresh and checked for mutations before use…. In January, […]

MSM editorial: “Blagojevich stands alone” on embryonic stem cell executive fiat

Today’s Daily Illini includes a strong editorial against IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s recent executive order that circumvented the IL General Assembly, forcing IL taxpayers to fund embyronic stem cell experimentation. When a polarized issue is brought to the legislative table twice without a conclusion, it’s takes some narcissism to make a call like this…. Blagojevich […]

New stem cell could neuter ESCR push

Several news organizations, like the Washington Times and CNSNews.com, are reporting on a new stem cell that has been found in placenta. The new cell is “embryoniclike” in that it is “more versatile than [adult stem cells] while avoiding the ethical dilemmas surrounding [embryonic stem cells], according to CNS.

Arian race Take II

From today’s TimesOnline.com: Clinics could soon be screening embryos for genes that carry a predisposition to breast cancer and other tumours. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority announced yesterday that it is to consult the public about letting couples choose embryos free from genetic defects. The defects raise the risk of cancer but do not […]

Forbes shows liberal bias on stem cell reporting

Forbes posted an article yesterday, written by Health Day News reporter Steven Reinberg, that stem cells are helping children with the “worst cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia” better than traditional treatments. This is great news. But Reinberg neglected to report the most important component of his story. This is that the stem cells in discussion […]

Dobson to answer critics today

From Citizen Link update: Focus on the Family Action Chairman James C. Dobson, Ph.D., is devoting a special edition of his Friday radio broadcast to answer liberal critics who have lambasted him for his opposition to science that relies on the destruction of human life. [See Jill’s blog entry yesterday.] Dobson was assailed today for […]

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