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Pro-life blog buzz 12-9-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Suzy B agrees with pro-choice forces on a lawsuit against the alleged discrimination against pregnant employees in the workplace:

    Both pro-life and pro-choice groups have filed amicus briefs on behalf of Peggy Young. The Women’s Law Project and Legal Momentum argued that the previous ruling in favor of UPS was incorrect on the basis of “misconceiving gender stereotypes in pregnancy discrimination.” Americans United for Life has filed an amicus brief, which the Susan B. Anthony List, among other pro-life groups have signed on to, coming from a different approach, standing up for the unborn and women. The brief argues that in creating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Congress was trying to “protect women from economic pressure to abort their children because of pregnancy discrimination.”

Stanek weekend Q: Is regulating abortion clinics futile, counter-productive even?

Abolish Human Abortion has posted this graphic (click to enlarge):


AHA explains its position on clinic closures here. It lists several reasons, all of which I think are either incorrect or wrong-headed:

Spread the anti-abortion message anywhere and everywhere with drop cards

I wrote in early December that the result of the presidential election is a reminder that stopping abortion starts locally.

Our first responsibility is to make abortion unthinkable in our own family, home church, neighborhood schools, and community.

The group Abolish Human Abortion has developed a series of inexpensive drop cards. Buy them and carry them with you. Drop them everywhere.

Todd Bullis of World Life Organization explains the thinking:

Help spread the message of abolition every where you go.

Most people are happy to live in a world where discussion of abortion only occurs in churches and political stump speeches.

Most people want to drink their coffee, eat their fast food, watch their movies, and go about their day without thinking about abortion and considering what it might take to effect its abolition.

Pro-life community suffers tragic losses

Over the weekend the pro-life movement tragically lost Students for Life of America Field Director Kortney Blythe Gordon and her preborn 21-week-old daughter Sophy in an automobile accident. About 8p Saturday night Kortney, 28, and three passengers were driving back to Virginia from an SFLA conference in Georgia. An oncoming vehicle on the two-lane road […]


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