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Graphic signs anger pro-abortion pastors, parishioners

I’m always intrigued by the responses pro-lifers get for showing graphic photos of aborted babies in front of pro-abortion churches on Sunday mornings. I hope these protests continue and expand.  Parishioners may not understand, but pro-lifers are trying to help them. Their worship services are repugnant to God. Just read Isaiah 1:10-17.

In September World Life Organization’s Todd Bullis and Andy Moore and their team stood for the 11th and 12th time in front of the Custer Road United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas. I’m always impressed by the wise, Godly words they have ready to offer.

Church members walking past the signs either ignored them, expressed support for abortion, or got angry, such as one man you’ll see on the first video who absolutely refused to believe UMC is pro-abortion. Todd told me the man followed up with a phone call but still denied the truth even after Todd led him online to the denomination’s statement.

The pastor at Custer Road, Dr. Ronald D. Henderson (pictured left), engaged in the worst form on deception, claiming from the pulpit his church and denomination “support(s) life and we believe in the sacredness of life and the sanctity of life… from the cradle to the grave.”

Pro-lifers will immediately pick up on the bait and switch. “Cradle” is post-birth, of course.

But did his parishioners? I doubt it.

On September 23, Todd and Andy preached with their signs at a church historic to the abortion movement, “the home of Roe v. Wade,” according to one parishioner.

Pastor Daniel Kanter of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas is even on the board of Planned Parenthood of North Texas, and he was quite bothered by the pro-life protest…

Saynsumthn’s Blog points to a sermon Kanter gave in February entitled, “For the Goddess of Love.”

Raised in an Evangelical Bible church all my life, I’m shocked at the milquetoast and utter falsehoods taught by churches such as these.

That said, we must remain vigilant that our own churches remain firmly anchored.

Andy Moore: Speaking for the speechless on two continents

Many of you know the story of my son-in-law, Andy Moore. But you may not know what he’s been up to since marrying my daughter Daena and settling in America. Today New Zealand’s Sunday-Star Times features a full-page spread on Andy.

Apparently immigrating to the U.S. has only increased Andy’s public persona back home. The Lord is giving Andy a louder voice in New Zealand than he had while living there! I know Andy gets homesick and hope knowing this brings him comfort. The Lord works in mysterious yet wonderful ways!

The article is quite good. I’m very proud of my SIL. Read below the screen shot.

Click to enlarge…

The article:

Being an anti-abortionist in New Zealand sucks. Atheists outnumber Christians. No one in the mainstream media takes you seriously, and the odds of actually bringing about a law change are roughly nil.

In the US though, it’s quite a different story – as a young Christchurch pro-lifer has found since he packed his unborn baby placards and got on the plane to Texas in 2010.

Andy Moore, 27, was born and raised in Christchurch but he now lives in Dallas. As everyone knows, things in Texas are bigger. And that includes social wars like the Pro-choice / Pro-life debate that gets Americans hot under the collar. While New Zealand’s anti-abortion and pro-abortion lobbies are relatively small, in America whole radio stations are devoted to the cause and groups and media outlets devoted to abortion, both for and against, are legion. Moore runs the increasingly-influential website Abortion Wiki and publishes stories like the “sting” run on an Orlando, Florida abortion clinic in August.

An Abortion Wiki operative contacted a suspended abortion doctor seeking a termination for a 32-week-old fetus. Moore then published the correspondence between them showing the doctor paying lip service to laws but appearing to get the money side of the equation running (USD$18,000) before the confirmation that the requested abortion was legitimate.

Moore is something of an anomaly. On his website he looks slightly grungy and professes to a love of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Rather than the leftie type you may expect though, he was involved as a student in ACT on Campus and has been a staunch anti-abortionist for years now. There are videos of him on Youtube protesting outside Christchurch hospitals, and taking it pretty well when a man shows up with a sign reading “asshole” and an arrow pointing at Moore.

In 2009 his life changed when he brought the prominent American Pro-Lifer Jill Stanek to New Zealand on a speaking tour. Stanek, a former nurse, is something of a Pro-Life celebrity in the States. She was invited by then-President George W. Bush to the signing of the 2002 Born Alive Infants Protection Act which extended protection to babies born alive after failed abortions. Bush jr singled her out for thanks and invited her back the next year for the signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

Moore and Stanek hit it off. “She came right out and said ‘you should meet my daughter’.” Moore met Deana Stanek on Facebook and they hit it off. He flew to Stanek’s Illinois home on April 19, 2011. The pair eloped on July 15. They now live in Dallas and have a son, Levi, who is four months old. They undertake abortion stings together like the time they went to a late-term abortion clinic to see what options they were given – “the assumption was we were going to have an abortion – they’re supposed to, by law, give options and counselling”.

Stanek senior wrote on her blog that Andy and Daena “found they were peas in a pod, having compatible personalities, interests, values, and, most importantly, a shared faith in God”. “And it turns out I’m a pretty good pro-life matchmaker!”

Moving to America has been like moving into the big leagues – as if he was in a Christchurch baseball team and then got drafted by the New York Yankees. “It’s almost like I got a bit too big for the pond back in New Zealand,” Moore said. But the scale of things in America is daunting. “People are welcoming but everything is big, it’s so fast paced.” And Americans know how to argue. “The debate is not as taboo. Politics and religion are dinner table conversation. The rhetoric is harsh and unforgiving – you’re either hardcore for one or the there.” While Moore disassociates himself from violent actions, Pro-Choicers here in New Zealand say his website reads as a “who’s who” of radical anti-abortionists. And Moore was visited by the FBI following a protest outside a clinic in Dallas. The agents said they just wanted to talk about the bounds of protesting, though the Pro-Lifers have interpreted it is a clear effort to intimidate. Moore has been supported by the pro-bono Life Legal Defense Fund which claims the Obama administration is engaging in a “witch hunt” and targetting peaceful sidewalk protesters like Moore.

One person who has tracked Andy Moore’s career is Alison McCulloch, a Bay of Plenty columnist and member of ALRANZ – the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand. Moore first rose to prominence in New Zealand when he set uop a spoof ALRANZ site with large pictures of aborted fetuses. McCulloch said the images were shocking and the group set about reclaiming the domain name from Moore. McCulloch is now named on Moore’s Abortion Wiki site among other Pro-Choice advocates. “I find the Abortion Wiki to be a part of a way of intimidating people,” she said. “”It does have a chilling effect on people’s involvement – there’s a phot of me, details of me. When you Google yourself the Wiki comes up first.” McCulloch said she had been asked about her Pro-Life stance at job interviews, obviously from employers having seen Moore’s coverage of her. Although being singled out for attention has its pitfalls, McCulloch said there was a lighter side: ” At one point it became something of a badge of honour to be on Andy’s wiki with a couple of pro-choice people grumbling on ALRANZ’s Facebook page that they didn’t have a profile yet, and wondering why not.” McCulloch approved of Moore moving to America. “It suits him a lot more than the way things are approached in New Zealand.”

Moore has certainly embraced America. His Facebook page is filled with patriotic support for the Republican Party – he was a Rick Santorum supporter early on but has now thrown his support behind Mitt Romney – and he admits he comes across as more American than some native borns. “I’m a libertarian, I love freedom,” he said. He currently has nine interns working on Abortion Wiki and he appears to be thriving in his new home. “Most of my friends (in New Zealand) probably think I’m too extreme,” he said. But he doesn’t feel he has a choice but to continue. “Ninety-nine percent of Pro-Lifers aren’t living out that term. You can’t say you’re Pro-Life and not do anything about it.”

Pro-life blog buzz 7-27-12

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek.com.

  • Women’s Rights without Frontiers has another story of the family planning “terrorism” in China:

    The couple’s second daughter fell to her death from a fourth floor window during a quarrel with her boyfriend. Her parents took the boyfriend’s parents to court and won a judgment of 43,000 RMB ($6700), but they were never paid. The victim’s husband petitioned to enforce the judgment.

    In retaliation for this petition, that local government forcibly sterilized his wife. The local government told the victim’s husband that if he and his wife kept quiet about the forced sterilization, they would receive compensation. The couple, however, decided to post the incident on the Internet.

  • At Moral Outcry, Susan Tyrrell writes about a Minnesota bar that has installed a pregnancy test vending machine in its women’s restroom:

    The idea this bar is perpetuating is another sign that society knows that life begins at conception. The vending machines aren’t for women who are 5 or 6 months pregnant, but for those who don’t know yet and want to be sure before they drink. It’s a wonderful idea if people do choose to drink, but the underlying message is better. It says, “if you have another life in you, even if that life is so teeny you didn’t know it was there yet, don’t hurt it.”…

What happens when $3 pregnancy tests come to a bar? Maybe then a woman has time to process without coercion, or reads the information about fetal alcohol syndrome which humanizes the baby she is carrying, even if he or she is three weeks old at that point. Maybe it gives her time to think and consider real options. And certainly the pub’s original goal is valid and viable. A baby may be spared pain and a hard life from suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome because a mom makes a choice to protect her child.

  • Pro-Life Action League advertises AbortionWiki’s 10-week internship opportunity for pro-lifers of all ages and locations.
  • The Road to Roe continues to examine the influence of the late Justice William Brennan in the cases of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton and gives fascinating insight into the behind-the-scenes lobbying on the laws.

  • Wesley J. Smith notes how the New England Journal of Medicine has now suggested physicians be taken out of the assisted suicide equation (due to their reluctance to participate) and replaced with “the development of a central state or federal mechanism to confirm the authenticity and eligibility of patients’ requests, dispense medication, and monitor demand and use. Such a mechanism would obviate physician involvement beyond usual care.” Smith writes:

    Do we really think that a government that is constantly looking for ways to contain health care costs will be likely to deny death eligibility? Do we think that government death-control officials will do the right thing — or the cheap thing?

Take this proposal, coupled with government-run health care, and you have “death panels on steroids.”

  • We previously reported that the pro-life group from New Zealand’s Auckland University were under attack for distributing pro-life pamphlets on campus. ProLife NZ has this update:

    Pro-Life Aucklandwas facing exile after complaints were laid alleging it was harassing students and spreading misinformation about abortion. If the vote had passed, the club would have lost access to AUSA-supplied benefits like room booking and funding.After an hour of speakers and debate, the motion failed: 125 for and 227 against, with 12 abstentions.

  • A University of Michigan Students for Life member recounts a time when he had to answer the question, “Why are you pro life?” His answer:

    I am pro-life because I believe in the intrinsic value and dignity of the human person–that is to say, a value and dignity that he possesses not because of his perceived worth, condition, convenience, or any other factor aside from the very nature of his membership in our human race.Have you thought of how you would answer this question?

[Photos via HuffPo and Catholic Lane]

Obama administration’s harassment of pro-lifers gets personal

On July 13 FBI agents Conrad Rodriguez and William Sivley paid a visit to my son-in-law, Andy Moore, at his home.

Andy is a pro-life activist who prays and protests outside the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center abortion mill in Dallas, where late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd freely acknowledges he “kill[s]” children.

Agents Rodriguez and Sivley told Andy three red flags prompted their visit:

  1. His use of a megaphone outside the mill, a one-time event on March 31, which he stopped and never repeated after police told him he was violating a noise ordinance.
  2. A complaint by the clinic manager that Andy trespassed, which he did not. There was no evidence, yet police gave Andy a warning: “I asked the officer multiple times, ‘Why are you giving me this warning, as I did not trespass?’ All he would tell me was, ‘I’m giving you this warning.’ He did not answer my question.”
  3. Unsubstantiated complaints that Andy may be too aggressive. “One of the agents told me it is acceptable to be aggressive, however there is a line. He gave examples of things which would cross the line, such as making threats of violence, or obstructing vehicle access – violations of the FACE act. I told him in no uncertain terms that I had never done anything like this and had not considered anything like this either.”

Obviously, the charges rose to the level of nada to begin with, certainly not above local law enforcement’s pay grade. Thankfully, Andy videotaped his one and only foray into megaphoning, which was clearly tame and polite:

YouTube Preview Image

But the FBI used these as an excuse to knock on the door, nerve-wracking to begin with, and followed by asking totally inappropriate questions clearly aimed at intimidating Andy, while also launching into a  fishing expedition about me. Per Andy and my daughter, who was home at the time,  here were questions the agents asked:

  • What affiliations do you have including church groups?
  • How long have you known your wife?
  • What belief system makes you believe in your cause?
  • What is your goal in protesting?
  • Do you know why people would make complaints against you?
  • Are there friends of yours or people you’re connected with that you could confidentially tell us are aggressive or abrasive? “Don’t be afraid to tell us.”
  • Are you involved in activism in Austin, since we noticed some entries on abortionwiki?
  • They were REALLY interested in the connection to Jill Stanek – details of internship, New Zealand speaking tour visit, did you get your activist and pro-life ideas from her? Did she train or teach you? Did you meet Jill before or after you became involved in the movement? Was it Jill who “fired you up” to become so active in the movement?
  • They were overly nice saying he wasn’t in trouble and feel free to tell us anything. Encouraged him to keep going back out there, that they represent both sides. ++they are protecting his freedom of speech++ is what they kept saying.
  • They said their task force that deals with these abortion cases also handles Hate Crimes and White Supremacy. Odd grouping with pro-lifers.
  • They knew he was an immigrant.  They said a felony on his record could/would get him deported. “You wouldn’t want to be apart from your wife and newborn.”

Life Legal Defense Fund, one of the pro-life legal firms that has successfully defended pro-lifers against prosecution by Obama’s Department of Justice, has now taken Andy under its wing. Senior Staff Counsel, Allison Aranda, shared her insights in an email:

The Obama administration is essentially engaging in a witch hunt.  From the moment the new administration took office, the DOJ has been targeting peaceful pro-life sidewalk counselors.  They have come out guns blazing on several occasions often bringing allegations that could later not be substantiated or in some cases clearly proven to be false.  Their weapon of choice – the FACE act.  The DOJ is using tactics that amount to legal extortion.  They have filed these frivolous claims against innocent people who don’t have the finances to hire big shot attorneys.  The DOJ then kindly offers to settle the case if the counselor simply agrees to stay so many yards away and pay a couple thousand dollar fine.

Pro-bono legal foundations like LLDF, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Liberty Counsel have taken a stand to defend these innocent pro-lifers.  Thankfully the sidewalk counselors have either had witnesses or video evidence to defend their actions.  The DOJ has outright dismissed charges in two cases, walking away with egg on their face.  In one case, a federal court judge issued a scathing opinion questioning the motives of the DOJ for bringing such unsubstantiated charges in the first place.  The judge suggested that there might have been a conspiracy between the government and the abortion clinic to violate the free speech rights of the pro-life advocates.

It now seems that the unscrupulous Eric Holder is at it again.  This time when the government determined that the evidence wasn’t quite what they thought it would be to proceed on a FACE claim against Andy, they turned their intimidating interrogation into a fishing expedition about the personal life of Jill Stanek.  Targeted bullying by our government because of an individual’s viewpoint and willingness to share that message in the public square is intolerable.  LLDF is committed to aggressively defending the rights of pro-life advocates.  We will not back down, and we will not be threatened.  We will continue to fight so that the freedoms of all are protected and preserved.

It stands to reason that the Obama administration would be interested in me.  This has probably been a long time coming.  But to reiterate Allison’s point, we will not back down, and we will not be threatened.

WATCH: Students for Life of America Conference today

I attend many conferences, and Students for Life of America’s annual conference is about the best.

I’m here today with son-in-law Andy Moore of AbortionWiki. No surprise, the conference is always sold out. But you can watch it live… free… here… now…

Watch live streaming video from telladf at livestream.com