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Does NYC ad campaign prevent pregnancy or encourage abortion?

On the one hand, it’s important to keep teens informed about risks of pregnancy, ways to prevent pregnancy, and challenges they will face if they become pregnant. On the other hand, teens should know what resources are at their disposal during pregnancy and, at least as important, that choosing life is the right thing to […]

Planned Parenthood’s new ad campaign, “Not In Her Shoes”

Last week Planned Parenthood revealed a surprising new strategy, abandonment of the term, “pro-choice.” Its poll numbers showed 28.5% of voters identify themselves as both or neither:


Planned Parenthood recognizes it already has the blue voters, and that it will never get the red voters, so it is trying to win over the ambivalent middle.

Randall’s Terry’s micro-targeted ad campaign to defeat Obama

The October 22 issue of The Weekly Standard magazine features a lengthy article about pro-life activist Randall Terry.

Writer Matt Labash spent a week with Terry, his family, and Terry’s band of pro-life renegades at Terry’s “bunkhouse” in West Virginia (formerly a Catholic group home for adults with Down syndrome).

The result was a well-written piece that keeps one engaged to the end. Labash captured Terry’s eccentricities without dismissing him as a nut and left open the door that Terry just may be a pro-life savant.

The impetus for Labash’s article was Terry’s latest project, which is to air his uniquely produced pro-life ads in strategic areas across the U.S., with a simple goal of suppressing Obama supporters from voting and losing Obama the election.

Before the explanation, here are the ads. The first is entitled, “Uncle Tom Jackson: Carrying water for racists,” taking on actor Samuel Jackson for his “WAKE THE F*** UP” pro-Obama ad

Planned Parenthood CEO gets pushback on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”

On May 30 Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to tout her group’s launch that day of an anti-Romney ad campaign.

This was the day after Live Action released its first investigative video of a new series, which exposed Planned Parenthood as a facilitator of sex-selection abortion.

The Live Action videos were not mentioned during the Morning Joe segment, so either they were ignored or Richards stipulated she would only come on if they weren’t brought up.

Nevertheless, (somewhat) conservative host Joe Scarborough got in several digs against the abortion giant.

End game: Obama machine tries to block graphic abortion Super Bowl ads

Read backstory here and here. Six days from today graphic ads showing the reality of abortion will air before, during, or after the Super Bowl in at least 17 metropolitan areas across 10 states. Those states shall at this point rename nameless, because the Obama machine is now trying to block the ads. On January […]

Planned Parenthood’s “cheeky” new ad campaign

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is running a “cheeky and irreverent” new ad campaign online, on buses, and in local newspapers…

Pro-aborts fume: New anti-Planned Parenthood tv ad campaign features Abby Johnson

Need proof that the ground game to defund Planned Parenthood is effective? Within hours after a pro-life coalition announced the launch yesterday of a $90,000 television ad campaign targeting PP, liberal Huffington Post published a rebuttal. The ad campaign, cosponsored by American Values, Catholic Advocate, CatholicVote.org, and Susan B. Anthony List, will run in the […]

Susan B. Anthony List launches $250k weekend tv ad campaign targeting undecideds

Got this press release yesterday: Today the


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